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The Reformation, the Jesuits and Keeping the Motto of Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

While I'd consider my Christian growth after I renounced Roman Catholicism to accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior to be a jump from Independent Baptist to Reformed Baptist, from non-Calvinist to Calvinist in terms of practice, I would actually think about how the the Reformation greatly differed from each other.  One truly worked for the greater glory of God, the other only worked for the greater glory of the Jesuits.
Submission to authority
Luther said, "Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain reason, my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything, for to go against conscience would be neither right nor safe. God help me. Here I stand, I can do no other."
Loyola said, "Let us be convinced that all is well and right when the superior commands it," wrote Loyola. And again: "Even if God gave you an animal without sense as a master, you will not hesitate to obey him, as master and guide, because God ordained…

Beardism and the Christian Life

While Christian men are told never to let their hair grow long but growing a beard is permissible.  In short, you may grow or not to grow a beard, it's personally a preference though some preachers have a high regard for growing a beard.  In the Bible, the Israelite men were required to grow a beard though in the New Testament, there was no such command for the New Testament men and sometimes, shaving a beard is convenient when it gets itchy or two, having a beard can be a major irritation for some people.

Some preachers like Martin Luther and Hulyrch Zwingli, Jonathan Edward and John Gill did not have a beard, however other great preachers like John Knox, John Calvin and Charles Haddon Spurgeon wore a beard.  Looking at the history of "Beardism", I want to end this controversy once and for all.  While I can agree that male students should not be allowed to grow beards or facial hair, however the privilege can be given to working professionals as a status.  I seldom fee…

Who Does Pope Francis Thinks He Is as He Calls for the Worldwide Abolition of Death Penalty?

Now first and foremost, I would like to say to other Vatican expositors that using the okay sign (which Pope Francis is doing above) is not necessarily pledging allegiance to Satan (though I've seen many Illuminati members use it to directly communicate 666 but just because a chef does it in the kitchen, doesn't mean that chef is worshiping Satan), even if the Illuminati uses it to symbolize 666 but remember, it's also the okay sign and that, the Illumati and the Jesuits do other activities that every normal person does so please, judge them by doctrine.  As Brother Gerry Soliman said, sadly some Christians are already overdoing it.  Now it's time for me to think about it that what Pope Francis did in giving the okay sign perhaps to address that, "It's okay!  Time to get rid of the death penalty." is really going against the Word of God.  Then again, since when did the Popes really truly honor the God of the Bible?

I remembered when the Vatican had been …

My Reaction Towards the Death of Over 700 Muslims During This Year's Pilgrimage

I just read from Yahoo News that on Thursday, at least 700 Muslim pilgrims died in another mishap of a Haji stampede, saying this was the worst yet in a quarter century.

To describe the mayhem, I would share an excerpt from the source:
As of late Thursday, the Saudi civil defense directorate said the death toll was 719, but that probably would rise as bodies continued to be counted and sent to the morgue. At least 863 people were injured, the directorate said. An AP journalist saw bodies still lying on the ground more than 10 hours after the crush and ensuing stampede in Mina, a large valley containing 160,000 tents for accommodations about 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Mecca. One crowd had just finished a ritual in which pilgrims throw pebbles at three stone columns representing the devil when it ran into another wave of people heading to perform the rite. Sudanese pilgrim Mohammed Awad, 36, and his 56-year-old father were separated when people began pushing and shoving. Awad said he …

So Now We Have an October 7, 2015 Doomsday Date?

Whenever I think of the false Rapture dates, why am I not surprised at all?  After Harold Camping died of old age, we now have to deal with the heretic John Hagee and other people who now believe that the world will end by October 7, 2015 and now, the propagator of the hoax even dares to say that the Elect will now.  What part of Matthew 24:36 is not understandable to the propagator when it clearly says no man may know the date and the time EXCEPT the Father only.

This just reminds me of three false Rapture and/or Doomsday dates that failed all last 2012 namely on May 21, October 21 and the Mayan-calendar based December 21 which all either spread panic or excitement.  I am also reminded of the Year 2000 Doomsday Hoax and countless other Doomsday hoaxes.  Now I would like to ask the propagator of the hoax who says that the world will end by October 7, 2015 whether or not the Rapture has already taken place and two, it's time to raise the fact the New World Order has not yet fully …

A Brief History of John Calvin, Ignatius of Loyola, Calvinistic Pastors, Jesuit Priests and Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Having switched from an Independent Baptist theology to a Reformed Baptist theology, I felt like it would be nice to talk about John Calvin vs. the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola.  After having read in parts about the history of the Counter-Reformation, the Jesuit Order was fully established on September 27, 1540 which is just 23 years after the start of the Reformation by Martin Luther.  Calvin himself once went to school with Loyola in the University of Paris, never dreaming that the two would eventually battle with each other.  One truly deserved to wear Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the greater glory of God) and the other used the phrase in vain.
What is commonly missing in most of the history of the Jesuits is the encounter that Calvin had against its founder Loyola.  Ever since Luther hammered the 95 Theses on the Wittenburg Door, a great revival sparked ending the Dark Ages.  Spurious "Christians" were exposed and the statement from the Bible was raise…

Debunking the Idea That Reformed Theology Makes Salvation "Complicated"

There are some members of Easy "Christianity" that say that Reformed Theology makes salvation complicated, they also say that Charles Haddon Spurgeon should not even be considered a Baptist preacher because he preached the C.O.P. of Christianity namely Commitment, Obedience and Perseverance.  I am afraid most people have failed to do some research into Reformed Baptist theology and have erroneously equated Lordship salvation with the lose your salvation which is really not true.  I am afraid that Easy "Christianity" has become the path of some Baptist and Evangelical churches, worse to even embrace false converts.

Let me clarify what I think about the preaching of a C.O.P. Theology or in other words Commitment, Obedience and Perseverance.  I am afraid that some of its critics haven't really done enough research or taken out-of-context.  What does it mean to have commitment, obedience and perseverance?  With the statement that salvation is by faith alone but no…

Why I Believe That Global Goals Is a Bad Joke

Knowing that September 25, 2015 would be another signs of the times events that may further the world into the New World Order, where they hope that by 2030 they would have made the world a better place.  If you ask me, I simply want to call it a bad joke because the more I read my Bible, the more I am convinced that this world may not last long especially that in the midst of singing "Heal the World", God is cut out of their worldly solutions.

Reading through Arthur Wellington Pink's "Another Gospel" I thought I might share a lot of these words to at least, make some points in why I really want to call "Global Goals" a joke.  As long as this world remains in rebellion against God, it is heading forward to judgment.  Luckily, the Elect of God will either die and go to Heaven or they will be taken away by the Blessed Hope.  Here's some words that I believe will at least tell us of the last days:
The "gospel" of Satan is not a system of r…

Do the Jesuits Really Live Up to Their Motto "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"?

If there's any religious order in the Roman Catholic hierarchy I find to be the most hypocritical it's the Jesuit Order.  The reasons can be based on history is that while they openly preach against murder but they have been arranging murders themselves in the name of "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" (which many Roman Catholics apologists insist did not happen) which means "For the greater glory of God." or the fact that they are indeed, while preaching spirituality, you can see how expensive most Jesuit schools and how most Jesuit cathedrals are attended by very rich people or by very influential people in high positions.  Remembering the Jesuit parish I go to when I was still a Roman Catholic until God had called me out of Rome, I still cannot help but criticize the people's lack of concern of real spirituality like how they still keep letting wayward members attend their services.  So much for this "Ignatian spirituality" program because for one, …

Lessons and Meditations From the Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon has been viewed in many ways. One of the views that persist is that King Solomon is the villain and that there is the shepherd boy, both vying of the love of the Shulamite. However the more I do a study of the Song of Solomon, I feel like the whole love triangle thing may not be the best interpretation because for one, Solomon wrote the book.
Solomon himself was the second son of David and Bathsheba. Knowing David was a handsome man and Bathsheba was a very pretty woman (though the age gap made David old enough to be Bathsheba's father), David had only loved Bathsheba later in his life and Solomon was that son. Another of Solomon's full siblings was Nathan from whom Mary the earthly mother of Jesus was born from, while from Solomon came Joseph.
When I think of the Song of Solomon and its meaning - this was the reality. Solomon had so many women for political reasons but he could only love one. The Shulamite woman would have fit that picture as that only wo…

The Testimony of Pastor Ashfin Ziafat, A Former Muslim Who Became a Christian

Considering today is September 11, 2015 I would like to share this testimony of Ashfin Ziafat.  From a former Muslim, he is now a Southern Baptist pastor.  I would really love to share this testimony - from a Muslim, he is now a Christian pastor.

I dare you to listen to his testimony and see how God can move in the lives even in the most rotten unbeliever.  I thank God for having dealt with his soul and has called him out of Islam to preach the Gospel!

Sola Deo Gloria... Glory to God Alone!

Reflecting on the Statement "Do Not Even the Publicans Do So?"

Matthew 5:46-47 says, "For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?  And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?"

I always thought of the statement, "Do not even the publicans do that?" when it comes to being rebuked by the actions of the world can rebuke the actions of the Christian.  I hope this entry will at least awaken our senses and I could give some examples that might actually at least, hopefully, will get all Christians to awaken to challenge themselves better to do better and bear more fruit for God.

1.) When Christians fail to read the Bible and spend time with God in the early morning

I do feel guilty whenever I fail to read the Bible or read my Spurgeon devotional in the morning.  It reminds me that if a Roman Catholic can get up in the morning to pray the Rosary for 15 minutes, why do so many Christians at times fail to get up earlier than usual in the …

My Appreciation For Reformed Baptist Preacher, Pastor John F. Macarthur

In the past, I was only stuck with the very narrow view of Hylestic theology until years later, I began to embrace Reformed Theology and a semi-Calvistic view, it may not be long before I become a full-blown Calvinist.  Looking at this page by Atty. Zigfred M. Diaz concerning why John Macarthur is his favorite preacher, I decided to think outside the box of Hylestic theology and read through John Macarthur and do research on his page on what Lordship salvation is really about.  Just for a bit of his theological style is that he is a Calvinist, Reformed and dispensationalist preacher which are styles I adhere to as of late in Christian apologetics.
Many times, it must be emphasized that Lordship salvation is not about you can lose your salvation or adding works to salvation, instead it makes a distinction between the true convert and the false convert, that's what he was talking about.  What does it mean to turn from sin?  It's a very misunderstood term in the theological circ…

Todd Friel on Spanking Your Child Right

If spoiling your child is bad, then abusing your authority is just as bad as both produce terrible children.  The statement goes that while you can never love without discipline but discipline can be without love.  Listen to this video to see if you are doing your spanking right.

So the Iglesia Ni Cristo Council Must Be Hiding Something?

Looking at the updates on their expelled minister Isaias Samson or the issue that a feud has happened within the Manalo family.  Now I do have my sincere hope and prayer that Isaias Samson will get to know the Lord Jesus Christ as God and his Lord and Savior, now I would examine the words that he has said.  He said that the rally has been a call of deception by the Sangunian Council and that they fear the media, they do not fear God.  Doesn't that remind you of Jesus' words that the Pharisees love the praises of men more than they love the praises of God?  He reminded the ministers about their lack of professional behavior and that there's still the requirement to render unto God what is unto God and to Caesar what is unto Caesar and that they must submit themselves to a due legal process.  I admire what he said though I pray that God will also open his eyes to the reality of his religion.  Religion nor works merit cannot save, only Jesus can!

During the five days rally, …