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Quotes from Darwin and Huxley That Might Shake Atheism's Foundation

I have noticed how atheists tend to look at Charles E. Darwin and Thomas H. Huxley as their heroes but here are some quotes that would shock them.

Although Charles Darwin was not a Christian in any sense but he was not an atheist as he is most likely a Freemason (he came from a family of Masons). Looking at this quote, Darwin did not discount the possibility that God existed and he had his twisted own view of God (which is idolatry) but it was not the God of the Bible. He acknowledged the fact that the universe is too wonderful and too immense that it should come out of blind chance. Speaking of Masonry, they believe in the Great Architect who is not the God of the Bible. So while he was no Christian, was certainly no atheist.

Another hero of atheism is Thomas H. Huxley. However looking at what he quoted here, he quotes that anybody who believes in the law of causation cannot deny the existence of an eternal energy. If he admitted that God so conceived everything in science. Even if he propagated Darwin's doctrine of evolution but he was certainly no atheist.