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This Christmas Season, Remember That Things May Go Worse Than Before

The whole idea that Christmas is a magical time of the year where the world is at peace is really stupid. It's a stupid idea that may have driven many people into hopelessness and suicide. If you think Christmas is a magical season where the world is at peace, I really beg you to check the news out. When I look at all the soldiers who are unable to go home during Christmas, it's because the world is not at peace during Christmas. I really feel sorry for all the soldiers who are still stuck somewhere right now taking care of business they have to take care of away from their families while the rest of the world celebrates Christmas ungrateful for the service of others.

Now it's time to talk about why things may go worse than before during the Christmas season. Many times, there is really no Christ in their Christmas or because people tend to be the worst kind of hypocrites during Christmas for their Pharisaical display of works before men. As a former Roman Catholic who became a born again Christian, I still could not forget the experience I myself experience that after Christmas and Lent, people return to their sinful lifestyles while ignoring the message behind the reason why Jesus Christ became God becoming man and why He died on the cross in the first place. The whole message that Jesus Christ became poor for our sakes and that He was born to die for the sins of mankind is so easily ignored and exchange for the pleasures of hypocrisy. It's easy to see people try to be good during Christmas and Lent but they are mean for the whole year round. If they have no Christ in their lives, I don't expect them to have Christ in their Christmas either.

I could still remember how some people who are mean to me become kind to me on Christmas then they become mean to me for the rest of the year except during the Lenten season then the cycle starts all over again. It's just like the whole stupidity of living in sin from Monday to Friday, go to confession on Saturday, attend Mass and receive communion bread on Sunday and the cycle goes on and on. While I do not have anything against Christians who decorate their homes during Christmas with Christmas trees (Jeremiah 10:3-5 is not about Christmas trees but idols) or they celebrate Christmas with a delicious roast where they may be reading from the Nativity Story from the Bible, they don't lie to their children about Santa Claus but I personally can be hostile towards the rest of the world celebrating Christmas. Many people have a fake generosity during Christmas to hide their evil selves - the squatters may say that person is such a good person while they have a lot of hidden sins waiting to be uncovered on judgment day (Matthew 7:23).

Considering that it's also the season to give one's Christmas bonus at the same time some companies may be making huge loads of profit, then it's also the season to rob, cheat and steal because people have more money than usual. When it's Christmas season, I really believe that law enforcement must be stricter considering that crime is really rampant when people have more money than usual. I have nothing against receiving Christmas bonuses or earning more profits, I am against the people who seek to rob people of their hard-earned wages and profits of others because it's a very act of injustice against those who do their work diligently. If the news keep revealing acts of crime and terrorism even during Christmas then don't be surprised if you become a victim of crime during Christmas because most people choose to go against God's Law than obey it.

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