The Late Pope Pius XI's Blasphemous Quote

After studying courses on the Reformation, I am not surprised that a lot of the Reformers called the Pope to be the Antichrist.  Pope Pius XI's words saying, "You know that I am the Holy Father, the representative of God on the Earth, the Vicar of Christ, which means I am God on the Earth."

The words of the late Pius XI proves how much the papacy is nothing more than a subtle affront to the sovereignty of God.  Not only did he restrict himself as the sole representative of Christ but by saying he is the Vicar of Christ meaning substitute, as the Holy Father (even some Roman Catholic Bibles attribute it to God alone) and worse to say that he is God on the Earth is nothing more than blasphemy.  How can a mere man the Pope even dare to claim that he is God on the Earth?  That is just absolutely ridiculous because he is just a mere man.  No wonder 2 Thessalonians 2:4 says that the man of sin sits in the Temple of God claiming to be God.

Many Roman Catholics also have a very bad case of double standard.  They have accused born again Christians of blindly following the pastors but it is okay to blindly follow the Pope.  They reject Sola Scriptura in favor of what I might name as Sola Papa or the Pope alone.  Besides, how many doctrines over the centuries were declared as dogmatic truth all because the incumbent Pope spoke from his chair and declared it to the people?  This also debunks the idea of papal infallibility because if the Pope were truly guided by the Holy Spirit as not to commit error in doctrine, a lot of the Popes have already made one non-biblical doctrine after the other speaking on the Papal Throne.

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