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Roman Catholic Double Standard: Sensationalizing the Sins of Quack Pastors While Covering Up the Sins of Roman Catholic Priests!

One of the dirtiest tricks in the book used by some Roman Catholic apologists is they just love to pinpoint the sins of "evangelical pastors". In doing so, they have committed the fallacy of division or hasty generalization. If they think for a second that "evangelical pastors" who are doing an entertainment driven service are honored by the true born again Christians - they are dead wrong. What must be pointed out by Christian apologists or faith defenders regardless of denomination are the following:
  1. Nowhere in the born again Christian faith is it taught that the pastor is ever "another Christ" or an instrument to where God forgives the sin of another.
  2. When there are pastors who are guilty of teaching heretical doctrine or terrible misdeeds, they must be exposed, rebuked and labeled as false teachers as soon as possible.

Some Roman Catholic apologists is that not only do they love to pinpoint at crooked pastors but they also love to put it on the pedestal for all to see, announce it with trumpets and laugh at born again Christians like there is no tomorrow. The double standard comes in is that while they are sensationalizing the sins of pastors that they are also sweeping under the rug of the sins of their priests at the same time! When reliable sources start to reveal the sins of the priests and the Vatican such as Martin Luther's shocking discovery or the most recent scandals, they are quick to defend their priests to the death even in the light of evidence. They can go ahead and play the victim in public or use the Judas Iscariot argument when all evidence cannot be denied.

They love to use incidents involving sinful pastors and some fabricated information to discredit the whole born again Christian movement. But when it comes to some unprofessional born again Christians who use their methods against them is that they tend to hypocritically cry foul, play the victim and sensationalize their situation with fake tears. Sometimes it really is tempting to ask them, "So how does it feel to be unfairly generalized because of those priests you seek to cover up?" It is just like they continue to deny that they really pray to Mary (even when the prayer books clearly says they pray to Mary) and that they follow the Pope blindly (while hypocritically condemning people who follow a quack pastor blindly).

What Christian apologists need to know is also what the Roman Catholic priesthood is all about to further discredit the system. To teach that the priest is an instrument of God's grace to forgive sin and administer grace or is to serve as "another Jesus" further discredits them when scandals come out. I guess that is why the cover-ups have been happening because the Roman Catholic institution's government still wants to keep deceiving the world that they are the "true church" even when evidence is saying otherwise. Besides, do not a lot of these quack pastors also work with the Vatican as admitted by their own actions?