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Every Time Roman Catholic Apologists Say, "According to the Bible", They Are Just Chewing Themselves!

There are several statements you can abuse in the world of research.  You can go ahead and say, "Studies show..." or "There are tons of studies..." to justify one's erroneous research.  Now it is time to talk about Roman Catholics saying, "According to the Bible."  This is very dangerous and I pray that if you are a Roman Catholic reading this blog that God will open your eyes before it is too late.

Remember Satan said to Jesus in Matthew 4:6 saying, "It is written."  Does not that sound familiar with many Roman Catholics tend to say, "According to the Bible." to justify a lot of their heresies which they say opposing them is "mortal sin".  Do they realize that every sin is sin and all sin is destined to send you to Hell anyway?  Do they even realize that while Mary is important in her role as the mother of Jesus but it was in His humanity but never His divinity?

Here is a good example of how "according to the Bible" is a misused and abused phrase.  I have noticed many verses that are misused by the Roman Catholic institution to justify their heresies like being "absolved of sin" during infant baptism, purgatory, the papacy, praying to Mary (and some of them deny they even pray to her), adding works to staying word but here is the question, "Do you ever bother to take things into context?"  The answer is most likely no because they would rather have their mentality that the Pope and the priests are the only ones sent to interpret the Scripture to justify their blunder.

What should get really disturbing is that many of them love to say, "according to the Bible" but in another moment they decide to open the Vatican Canon Laws as another resolve to justify their practices.  First they say the Bible is their standard but they reject it as their sole standard for right and wrong.  Many of them are also hypocrites considering how often many of them tend to sin boldly in public while they mock the Biblical truth that you cannot lose your salvation and that good works is but the result of salvation.

Besides, since when did the Roman Catholic institution prioritize expository, verse by verse preaching anyway?  Even when Scriptures are clearer than day that they are wrong, many of them will still misquote Scripture and even quote Scriptures that go against them.