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Some Roman Catholics Reject Pope Francis as Pope?

After seeing this video that I found on Youtube and the site that owns it is titled "Vatican Catholic", I really am amazed that this video officially rejects Pope Francis as the current Pope of Roman Catholicism.  While Roman Catholics may go ahead and brag about how "united" they are even some of their apologists really combat each other.  One apologist can say that born again Christians don't hate Mary while the other insists that born again Christians hate Mary.  One Roman Catholic may say that those they consider Protestants are separated brethren while another Roman Catholic may say that Protestants are heretics to be eradicated.  In short, can Roman Catholics really make up their mind?

What's amazing to see is that some Roman Catholics still have that extremist viewpoint which some of their fellow Roman Catholics may end up calling them as "Catoliban".  The word itself does not exist in our dictionaries as it's an informal combination of the words "Catholic" and "Taliban" to describe such Roman Catholics having the Taliban's kind of use of Roman Catholicism to justify their abusive behavior.  For the "Catolibans", Pope Francis would not be set as the official Pope, they want a Pope that will openly exterminate those who refuse to become Roman Catholic while they may hypocritically honor the late John Paul II and the late Theresa of Calcutta who were both pioneers in the serious blunder and heresy of religious ecumenism.  This also created the "True Catholic" sect which there was an antipope known as the late Pius XIII who wasn't officially recognized by the Vatican as the "true Pope".

While reading the history of the Popes, I'm not too surprised at all the antipopes and quarrels that even some Popes were labeled as "heretics" by their fellow cardinals.  So much for teaching papal infallibility preserves the Pope from making doctrinal error from his Papal Throne.  Weren't the Popes who were openly ecumenical also declaring ecumenism from the Papal Throne?  What's even so funny some "Catolibans" may go ahead and endorse the late John Paul II or brag Pope Francis became "man of the year" but at the same time have their anti-ecumenical, religious extremist mindset that wishes they were still living in the Dark Ages where they saw who they judge as heretics get exterminated.  Either way, they're still headed to Hell as much as those who embrace the heresy of ecumenism.