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The Incredible Irony of Godless Science's Effect to the Environment

Science is a gift from God to man but man has chosen to only accept science but reject God's standards. The problem of godless science is that seeks to divorce creation from its Creator as Romans 1:18-25 mentions the sad fact that people know God exists but they choose to reject Him and they become foolish. It is evident with how godless science is not proceeding with "unlimited human progress" but is instead destroying God's creation. Sinful humanity is bringing every judgment they can to themselves imaginable which includes their wanton destruction of nature.

It is really something to fund billions of dollars looking for life on other planets when scientifically speaking the Earth is the only planet where life can live. They end up going from planet to planet searching for life in dead planets while trillions of dollars are used to kill life. One can ask how is that possible? You have people spending billions of dollars with space research hoping to find life in other planets but more money is used to finance godless science. We have a lot of reckless scientific research that does not care about ethics where scientists end up just recklessly using up natural resources, trying to go against the natural order of biology like "sex change", unethical bioengineering, experiments that use a lot of animal cruelty and even human cruelty all in the name of "unlimited human progress".

The results are really just devastating to see how the Earth is really afflicted with so much pollution and wanton destruction of life daily no thanks to sinful man yet they refuse to repent. Some people still think that without the concept of God in the minds of scientists then there can be unlimited human progress even when the results say otherwise. As they call Christians as "obstacles to unlimited human progress", they are not bringing in human progress at all but destruction.

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