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Just Say No to Political Correctness!

As the world is really in the Last Days and nobody knows how many more days are left but one thing is certain, ever since Jesus rose up to Heaven, we've entered the Last Days. Everything Jesus is saying is happening. It might be safe to say that the Christians of today are in the most privileged times because they're seeing more Bible prophecies happening before their eyes. People in the past only saw the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets happens hundreds of years later after the prophecies were made. People of today are seeing prophecies happening from at least two thousand years ago or more happening before their eyes. Today, one of the greatest prophecies is the evil of being politically correct.

Political correctness was a real problem. The Romans had that problem and so did the Jews. The Romans ended up condemning an innocent man (Jesus) and released an evil man (Barabbas) just to appease the crowd. Pontius Pilate gave in to mob pressure that caused him to condemn an innocent man and release an evil man. John the Baptist was beheaded because of political correctness. It wasn't politically correct to condemn Herod Antipas for leaving his wife Phaselis for his half-niece and live-in partner Herodias. Christians were murdered by Nero and several other tyrants because Christianity was never politically correct. Reading the culture of the Romans where sexual immorality and child abuse was the norm it's no wonder Paul wrote about sinful nature in the first chapter of Romans. Evil flourishes because of the problem of political correctness.

The sin of political correctness allowed Roman Catholicism to flourish. To be a Roman Catholic and to bow to the Pope meant to have power. To be a born again Christian was to be an outcast in one's own country. The Foxe's Book of Martyrs had revealed several mass murders of the Vatican that also happened not only in the name of Christ but also in the name of political correctness. Reading the accounts of Protestant Christian martyrs who bravely gave up their lives as a testimony, they were also victims of political correctness. To speak against the Pope and his allies was also considered politically incorrect. But thank God for those Christians who chose death over being politically correct as a testimony. If it wasn't for brave people like the Apostle Paul who bravely opposed Nero's regime by continuing to preach, there would be no Bible to read today. Others like John Hus and William Tyndale bravely gave up their lives willingly so today we can read the Bible.

John 15:18-19 and James 4:4 says that Christians are never friends of the world. Since Christians are not of the world and that Jesus is hated by the world, there's no way that Christianity is ever politically correct. Let the Christian speak against murder or theft nobody really reacts too much. But when the Christian speaks that abortion is also murder, that adultery is wrong, that false religion leads to Hell, homosexuality is sin and just all the truths that offends sinners then it's time to expect persecution instead of acceptance. Young believers need to understand that just because you do what's right that people will accept them. Do the basic good deeds a Christian gets applauded but the moment they preach then they're rejected. Jesus was applauded for His miracles but people hated the truth He spoke without compromise.

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