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Roman Catholics Make Jesus a Mama's Boy

There's a huge difference between honoring your mama and becoming a mama's boy.  It can't be denied children are required to obey their parents, that we're to honor our parents but remember when your parents tell you to do something contrary to the Word of God, you have to politely turn them down!  Unfortunately, Roman Catholics have turned Jesus into a Mama's Boy and most Roman Catholics are too blind to even notice it!

Roman Catholics are told stuff like what Pope Gregory XIV said, "In the most solemn manner, that Mary is the only hope for sinners.  Jesus cannot refuse any request from the Queen of Heaven.  Let us go to her to plead our cause and she will answer."  What's worse is that people misquote and misinterpret John 2:1-12 on during a wedding feast in Cana.  What's ironic is that the Good News Translation spells it out even clearer that Jesus told Mary politely, "Do not tell me what to do..." and Mary only said, "Do whatever He tells you."

Did you read what Mary said?  Do whatever He not what she tells you.  Mary from the start knew that the Creator of the Universe was going to be born in her womb.  She's aware how humbling it is that the Creator of the Universe should be born in her womb as a child.  She knew that during the creation of the Universe, she wasn't even there to participate in it.  She wasn't born without sin as Roman Catholics believe her to be.  If she was, she wouldn't even offer a sin offering.  Nowhere in Scripture were people invited to come to Mary either.  Mary is important but her importance is like every other good Christian who loves the LORD.

The whole idea that Jesus never said no to Mary at all is just absurd.  Nowhere in the Bible is Mary always roaming around with Jesus during the ministry.  Like every good Christian, she was faithful to the will of the Father.  When she said, "Do whatever He tells you." there's really that message that says, "Look, don't go to me.  Go to Him.  Do whatever He tells you."  Mary wanted people to understand this basic truth that she can't mediate between people and Jesus.  Yet many Roman Catholics still choose to misinterpret the whole incident that Jesus is forever bound to His mother's will and that she must do everything she tells Him.  

Nowhere in the Bible are people required to go to Mary.  No, people must go directly to Jesus.  The epistles of Peter and Paul don't tell people to call upon Mary before calling upon Jesus.  No, Romans 10:13 tells people to call upon Jesus.  Sad to say many Roman Catholics still choose to remain stubborn in their unbelief.