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What is Your Belief About the Bible?

When it comes to the Bible how you treat it and what you believe about it determines our beliefs about everything else.  Many people say, "The Bible is certainly useful advice." but they do not believe it as the ultimate standard of right and wrong.  I remembered talking with a couple of Roman Catholics who say that they do believe that the Bible is necessary but it is not enough.  They say that Sola Scriptura is an "outdated idea" and that there must be the Pope, the Council of Trent, priests, nuns and so on to help them get "new revelations".  It is no wonder why they do a lot of practices not in the Bible then misquote the Bible just to justify their practices.

I remembered the time in my life I did not like reading the Bible.  When I was still a Roman Catholic, reading the Bible and memorizing verses annoyed me a lot.  I would only prefer to read from the catechism and pray the Rosary, listen to the priest because it made me "feel good" never mind that I was already headed for Hell.  After repenting of my sins and personally receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior a lot of things changed.  My whole view of the Bible changed that I desired to fellowship with Christians, that Catholics were not Christians and that I really took the Bible as the final authority.  I realized Roman Catholics rejected Sola Scriptura so they could keep their own tradition because they do not put the Bible as the filter for practices and tradition.  While there is nothing unscriptural about churches having sports as part of extracurricular activities but it is certainly unscriptural to ask Mary to pray for you.

What makes born again Christianity stand out is that they put so much emphasis on the Bible as the filter for church practices and tradition.  Yes the Bible does give tradition but sternly warns in 2 Thessalonians 2:15 that Christian tradition is based on the pen and epistle of the apostles.  It is not based on some council that later added their own traditions contrary to the Bible.  Christians are called to the tradition of loving their enemies, following the Ten Commandments, baptism by immersion, partaking in the Lord's supper, a sexually pure marriage and soulwinning based on the pen and epistle of the Bible and not by some council who claimed to have given us the Bible when they forbade it.

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