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You Can't Sever Grace From Its Inevitable Results

It's such a headache to uphold the reality that God's grace brings forth works because of people who tend to distort that truth.  One says it's grace plus works and the other says it's grace may not necessarily result to works.  But the Bible says that grace results to works as Titus 2:11-14 doesn't say it's grace plus works for salvation but it's that grace results to works as a result of salvation.  Titus 3:15 affirms that not by works of righteousness but by God's mercy.  But that same mercy promotes righteous living as a result of salvation.

The sure reality of grace is that it results to obedience.  Why did Noah obey?  It was because of God's grace that made him obey.  Grace is something you can't merit yet it results to actions  The true grace of God teaches people to live righteously and soberly in a world filled with so much sin and filth.  Do you have a sin problem?  You certainly need God's grace to overcome it.  True grace changes the inside which results to a change in the outside.  What does it mean that the born again Christian declares Sola Gracia?  It means that their changed lives is by grace alone.

1 Corinthians 15:10 has Paul affirming this that his changed life is by the grace of God and not of himself.  You did nothing else to contribute to it.  There's no boasting when it comes to the Christian's life of good works.  When I think why do Christian acts of charity go so unnoticed?  It's because Christians do good works not for their own publicity but for the glory of God.  Many do acts of charity but only for show business.  True Christianity results to good works out of a changed behavior in Christ.  Why did they stop their lifestyles of sin?  It's not by self but by the grace of God.

To say that a Christian can also remain fruitless for the rest of one's life is also false grace.  As mentioned, true grace results to good works.  If you have the the faith of Paul then you will soon have James' works.  James 2:14-26 says that any true faith results to good works.  When Paul wrote Titus 2:11-14 he clearly shows that true grace results to good works.  Christians are bound to have an inevitably changed life by the grace of God.  So there's no reason to even buy the heresy that a Christian can get saved and still stay as bad as before.  That's just not possible according to the very Word of God.

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