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The Hypocrisy of the Complete Tolerance Movement

It's best to be Scripturally correct than to be politically "correct". Political "correctness" is not correct according to the Word of God. Too many people in authority today may not be exerting authority as they should be. Instead, you see them bending to the will of the people all in the name of tolerance and popularity. The problem didn't die away with the golden calf but it continued because of man's sin. The prophets of God were always attacked by the politically correct crowd. The prophets preached repentance and they all got killed. By postmodern standards the only thing politically correct people say is, "Those prophets deserved it! You must stick by the majority or you're just an idiot!" Sorry but Matthew 7;13-14 says that only a few are ever right and most people are wrong!

The complete tolerance movement is hypocritical in so many ways. They claim to be so tolerant but guess what? They aren't really as completely tolerant as they are. When there's tolerance there's intolerance. Christians are called to tolerate the good and not to tolerate evil. If you must tolerate good then you must not tolerate evil. The complete tolerance movement is hypocritical because there's no such thing as complete tolerance. The pro-homosexual movement has zero tolerance for people who have their straight pride. Atheist professors have zero tolerance towards any Christian who can present proof for Intelligent Design. Some of them would condemn the Christian for preaching against homosexuality but refuses to acknowledge Islam's bloody hatred for homosexuals who need Jesus to set them free. In short if they're completely tolerant why don't they tolerate Christians? Where's the complete tolerance as those who claim to have it have? In short, it's impossible because since they tolerate liberalism then they should not tolerate conservatism. After all, Amos 3:3 warns that can the two walk together except they be agreed?

If they say that there are no absolutes then it's time to beg to differ. It would be so nice to ask them a question like "How absolutely sure are you that there are no absolutes?" That's also the hypocrisy of relativism. The complete tolerance movement is nothing more than agree with us or else you're out. Unfortunately for them, somebody beats them in their game of agree or you're out and He's God Almighty! I guess that's why atheists hate God because of a moral problem and not an intellectual problem. They say people who believe that there's a God are stupid but they see the evidence for God but refuse to believe it. Doesn't Romans 1:22 show that many who profess to be wise are indeed fools? The more foolish the person the wiser they think they are. God already has given His terms or you're out. Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or you're out. They're already losing their game but they just want to put a strong front. But that strong front will be gone at the Great White Throne Judgment.

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