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Atheism's "Rationality" is Actually Irrationality

It's really disturbing (and funny at times) at how atheists claim to be freethinkers and rational people while upholding a very irrational worldview. For instance, many of the people who they consider to be atheists aren't atheists. Not everyone who believes in Darwinism is an atheism just as Charles Darwin and many of disciplines weren't atheists. They weren't Christians but they aren't atheists either. 
Here's James Bishop's Theology and Apologetics chart to the viewpoint of the atheist concerning the Universe. I've heard of atheists say that Christians believe in magic. It's crazy how they marvel at everything that obviously has a design but they deny that nature clearly has a design. If they only try to examine the evidence of science there has to be a designer. They claim that the Bible is a fairy tale and nobody can observe Genesis while they believe in something that can't even be observed or they play the "but it takes millions of …

Answering Some Atheists Who Claim That They Used to Be Christians

I remembered years ago when I read an atheist blog who admitted he used to be a Christian. What he meant that he used to be a Christian is that he was once a Roman Catholic. The average world today considers Roman Catholicism as well as other pseudo-Christian groups to be Christian when they aren't. Another atheist said he used to be a Christian until he read the Bible and found passages that horrified him. But there's one truth in that and that's those who criticize the Bible most are those who read it least. They haven't seen the context of events like why God ordered the destruction of evil civilizations. 
The "God's Not Dead" movies are somewhat lacking but this scene really makes think of atheists who claim they were once Christians. In this clip, notice how Professor Radisson claims that he used to be a devoted Christian. Just because someone came from an Evangelical background or family doesn't mean they're Christians. They may just be fal…

Pro-Homosexuality Media's Selective Outrage

Homosexuality is a result of man's fallen state (Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). It's a result of man's unrighteousness and the need to be reconciled. It's no surprise how homosexuality now fills secular entertainment. How often is the LGBT media already invading the media slowly but surely teaching nothing is wrong with homosexuality. It's best for anyone not to spend time over-analyzing pro-homosexual music videos and movies. Instead, one should spend time to rebuking the act which in turn will rebuke anything that promotes the act. This also includes the selective outrage of homosexual media as a result of legalizing same sex marriage.

I thought about a couple of events that passed after the United States of America's Supreme Court legalized homosexual "marriages". Starbucks' CEO Howard Schlutz wouldn't accept any dealings with anyone who is for traditional marriage. You have homosexuals who always love to throw their outrage toward…

The Fact Torture Doesn't Work Helps Explain Why the Inquisition Was a Huge Failure

I remembered reading Foxe's Book of Martyrs and it's not a pleasant book. The more I read it the more I saw that torture just doesn't work. I decided to do some basic research on science to find out on how ineffective torture can get. The Inquisition tried every bloody method they could it could scare the squeamish but it didn't work. Instead of actually suppressing Christianity it made it grow. It also painted the Vatican in such an ugly picture.
There's some scientific research that may actually prove a point. Modern studies on why torture is discouraged as an interrogation method (that the word inquisition is a synonym for it) and why the Spanish Inquisition is a huge embarrassment to the Vatican's already filthy history:
Meanwhile, compelling scientific evidence is emerging that torture and coercion are, at best, ineffective means of gathering intelligence. Worse, as Shane O’Mara, a professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College Dublin, wrote …

Atheist Media's Selective Outrage

It's no surprise that selective outrage is always part of sinful humanity's way of life. There's the selective outrage of liberal news media networks. There's the selective outrage of Roman Catholic mass media, Islamic media and just every other godless media. The atheist media is no different with its selective outrage. Prominent atheists manage to flood the Internet and there's too many to mention though my favorite examples are Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. They have their selective outrage though I'd like to talk more on what's commonly seen among them.
It's hypocritical for atheists to condemn Roman Catholicism and Islam for their use of force to spread one's religion and shove one's beliefs into their throats but ignore what atheism has been doing. They can say nobody does it in the name of atheism but is that true? It's doubtful considering historical evidence of atheist states and how they are actually forcing p…

Refuting the Idea That Atheist Morality is Superior to Christian Morality

Atheists do have their claim that they are "enlightened" and that they have reached a higher sense of morality. I can remember a time I ran into an atheist who said that their morality is superior because they don't do good deeds out of the fear of punishment and hope for reward. They say that they do good works without the belief that God is watching over them. This starts to beg the question that if atheists say they have better morality then how can one have morality without absolutes?

I still can't forget the quote of Richard Dawkins from the book "River Out of Eden" which should start questioning where is their morality:
The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousand…

Roman Catholic Mass Media's Selective Outrage

The Roman Catholic institution is either full of surprises or not full of it. I wouldn't know too much of any deep dark secrets of the Vatican nor do I intend to reveal them all. One of the biggest hypocrisies of the Vatican is their selective outrage. It's already an old issue but it still annoys me to death. It should be very frustrating even if it's not surprising. The Vatican has always been a beautifully white-washed tomb full of dead mean's bones. Many of these parishes are white-washed tombs both figuratively and literally. The Vatican has lot of crimes to answer for. One day, she's going to get what's coming for her.
A good example that I could cite is Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. It's time to ask the question where was he in several cases where a Walk For Life was really needed. Instead of having a real walk for life during real times of crisis why is he instead proposing a Walk For Life for the…

The Sad Fact That the Average Muslim Today Doesn't Even Know the Violent Truth About Islam

The Ramadan started last May 26, 2017. Make no mistake: the Koran does condone to Islamic terrorism but the average Muslim today doesn't even know their religion is also responsible for global terrorism. There was a time Ramadan started on 9/11 during 2010. Another year, the end of Ramadan came on September 11. I remembered some Muslims who were interviewed said that 9/11 is un-Islamic. I wouldn't immediately assume that the person who said it was a secret terrorist. What's so sad is that many Muslims today don't even know the violent truth about Islam.

Why do some Muslims end up sheltering who Muhammad calls as infidels? Just reading how a Muslim woman would shelter her Roman Catholic employees isn't something Muhammad would approve. They don't even know everything Muhammad teaches. They don't even know the full lifestyle of the Muslim back when it was still in its earlier stages. Some Muslims ended up defending certain Roman Catholic parishes from Muslim …