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Southern Baptist Convention's Unholy Compromise with Roman Catholicism?

It's sick to think how the Southern Baptist Convention may already be driven to such apostasy. If you've got female pastors in some Baptist or Southern Baptist churches (though this doesn't represent the whole Southern Baptist movement either) then think of more unscriptural messes coming in. It's no surprise that some popular Southern Baptist preachers such as Rick Warren is in unholy compromise with Rome. I remembered how Warren himself praises Pope Francis a lot. Billy Graham was also a member of SBC and he was a good friend of Pope John Paul II. Martin Luther King Jr. was also seen talking in Jesuit universities hence proving his links to the Jesuit Order. This is something to think about that God-fearing Southern Baptists should always keep in mind that they not exempt from the problem of infiltration.

Here, Paul Washer a Southern Baptist pastor now warns about the dangers of Roman Catholicism. It's a shame really how certain Baptist movements have compromised with Rome. I hope this clip will convince God-fearing Southern Baptists not to give up in standing for the Word of God!

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