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The REAL Reason Why Jesus Attacked the Pharisees

It has become another heresy to teach the lie that Jesus Christ didn't attack other people's beliefs and religion and that the Pharisees were merely just a bad crowd. However, the Pharisees were more than just another bad crowd- they were worse than the tax collectors and the prostitutes they condemned for going to Jesus Christ for salvation, receiving forgiveness and starting a new life. Why? They were SIMPLY self-righteous and were the leaders of a false religion that was permeated with paganism- Judaism is satanic and we extend our heart to Jewish readers to let them know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah they were waiting for. They many times condemned the fact that Jesus though He hates sin, loved sinners and ate with them (Matthew 9:11, Mark 2:6, Mark 11:19, Luke 5:30, Luke 15:12) and always believed they were better.

So what was really going on? The Pharisees according to the Bible were more than just the average hypocrites that the publicans and prostitutes were, they did the following:

Note: Read also Matthew 23 to get a better detail. It describes how manmade religion is!
  • They have replaced the Word of God with THEIR tradition (Mark 7:8-13). In other words, they were changing the times and laws. That's what manmade religion does so there is NO POINT in embracing everybody's wicked alterations as facts.
  • They were haughty and arrogant about their own righteousness. A noteworthy story is when the Pharisee condemned the publican and thought his good works could earn him God's favor. (Luke 18:10-16). Many times have they condemned Jesus for eating and dining with repentant sinners as if they were not sinners themselves!
  • They would put it on display only for the sake of publicity and not for the glory of God. That is typical for anybody who believes in works salvation- it's a me, myself and I reason for doing good works, not relying on the grace of God working in their lives.
  • They placed importance of themselves above others because they were righteous in their own eyes.
  • They were deceiving and being deceived in teaching their own self-righteous doctrine of works salvation. Everything for them was they had the "holier than thou" doctrine which they thought they were better than everyone. Nobody who teaches works salvation has the right to criticize them.
  • The fact that they ignored the weightier matters proved one thing- they COULD NOT keep up their own selfish system of works salvation! Luke 18:10-16 also shows just how the Pharisee thought he was righteous enough for Heaven while the publican saw himself in need of God's mercy.
  • Prayed long prayers for a pretense while they devoured widows' houses. Familiar? Whether or not the Pharisees also had a Rosary is not clear but it can be assumed by some they may have adopted that pagan practice into their system. Today, Roman Catholic priests spend a LOT of time making money out of people with their paid for each ritual system and paid for continued masses system while they say a lot of useless prayers like a tape recorder. Those souls are not in Purgatory, if they were not saved, Hell is the ONLY alternative!
  • They were deceiving people with their beautiful temples yet deep within were filled with sin and vice. Jesus called them as tombs so beautiful only on the outside yet inside was full of dead men's bones.
  • They belonged to an occult system that oppressed the people according to extrabiblical sources. Judaism is basically corrupted with the Cabala or the occult system.
  • Plus, they never saw themselves as sinners in need for forgiveness. The Pharisees hated the fact that salvation was by grace through faith in Jesus Christ! Jesus had frequently pointed out their sins and the DIRE NEED to be forgiven or go to Hell. For them, forgiveness had to be earned and it wasn't a free gift of God.
  • Worse, they always antagonized Christ, He who offered them forgiveness of sins.

As said, they thought they were worthy of Heaven but NOT by God's standards. According to Romans 3, man is basically a SINNER. Romans 3:10-19 spell out the HORRIBLE fact that there is NONE righteous, NO NOT ONE and that the whole world is guilty before God. To go beyond 19, we find out that salvation is only by faith alone in Jesus Christ which ends up resulting to REAL good works in comparison to those who try to strive to enter for Heaven. Christians in fact feel the Law as not a burdensome obligation but rather as their delight (Check out Psalms and see how many times David writes the Law as his delight, Apostle Paul mentions that also in Romans 7:22). In fact, works salvation is nothing more something that can ultimately lead to Antinomian lifestyle while true born again, eternally secure believers will NOT live sinfully because of God's grace can't be lost if their salvation can't be lost, then conviction for sin can't be lost either.

We just hope that our critics will be convicted by the Holy Ghost, in the Name of Jesus, open their eyes!