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Being God's Pastor is NEVER About Popularity

It's very, very disturbing to have people respect certain pastors as men of God just because they are popular and wealthy.  It really, really gets me angry every time I see a book by Joel Osteen on the bookshelves of the Christian bookstores, to how some churches still bother to endorse Billy Graham even if he's obviously a Jesuit puppet, how the late Martin Luther King Jr. gets a national holiday while Martin Luther doesn't and the list can go on.  In fact, I am heckled to say that when I choose the path of becoming a preacher and choosing to follow in the footsteps of dead fundamentalists like George Whitfield, Billy Sunday, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan and Jonathan Edwards that I am never going to experience popularity.  John 15:18-19 is clear that the Christian is not of this world.  In fact, I am so glad that we still have preachers like Pastor Paul David Washer, Pastor John F. Macarthur and Pastor Robert Charles Sproul does even mention things like, "Well so what if they all get mad at me?  The Gospel CANNOT be bound."  Only an unsaved pastor would become so popularity focused and if some pastors are afraid to offend,  I really dare put a huge question mark on their salvation.

In fact, I am really angry with those pastors of Satan who are boasting about their popularity to the world because these men make salvation very difficult. How can I say very difficult?  Yup salvation can be hard but not that you have do good works to be saved but it's very hard to believe.  I can say it can be very hard to believe because of the plague of the "feel good" gospel which is no better than what Jeremiah 5:31 has to say in the statement, "The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests BEAR RULE BY THEIR MEANS and my people LOVE TO HAVE IT SO, what will ye do in the end thereof?"  In fact, some facts that can be very hard to believe are like salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ ALONE, the Bible is the only absolute Word of God given to man to read, that man is not basically good, that God who is so holy and sinless will give His Son for the pardon of sinners... these facts are hard to believe for sinful man.  And with these popularity preachers, they really make their evil doctrines like salvation by works, many roads to Heaven denying Jesus is the only Way, never talk about the harms of sin, etc. which is really far easier for carnal man to believe than the Gospel in itself.  Worse, we are having Antinomians who claim to be saved but they are not saved because NO Christian can live like the rest of the world.

Okay I don't have anything much against it if people appreciate the good that I do, however the problem comes when my motives to do good are self-serving.  In fact 2 Timothy 4:3-4 warns, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine: but after their OWN LUSTS shall they heap to themselves, teachers having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables." and EVEN the New International Version (which many worldly preachers like to use because of its popularity) which I don't support as I am a King James only-ist (and I wish preachers I like to listen to will reconsider becoming KJV-only) however has the exact meaning.  Most of these popularity preachers may either be found in the crooked shepherd-led churches or are employed by deacon-led churches.  For one, there's no problem really of works salvation preachers (and MANY of them are prosperity gospel preachers) really appeal to people.  For one, the flesh would desire to attend a church assembly where it's airconditioned, big 3D sound systems and occupied by the very wealthy (not really all of them, some of them look wealthy but are in reality heavy in debt) and of course the pastor just loves to tickle their ears with worldly doctrine.  Like it really sickens me to listen to all the ecumenical garbage that prosperity preachers have to offer especially considering A LOT of them work for the Vatican.  I'm seeing one broadcast after the other that actually shows scenes like Trinity Broadcasting Network (better yet The Baal Network) having JESUIT priests joining in and in some scenes, they are supporting nuns.  This is serious error.  Popularity DOES NOT sanctify what is wrong.  Sin will always be sin and no matter what and sadly because of man's own righteousness, they can be SO DELUDED into believing they are good people even when their lifestyles DO NOT conform to God's holiness.

But a real man of God is not somebody who appeals to the flesh of the people to their itching ears, after their own lusts but rather he is God focused.  He is focused on the Scripture in itself.  In fact, I am frequently in hot water because I don't show them the kind of "love" they want that is to be openly tolerant to their errors which is also one of the ways that the Jesuits can destroy a church.   I am accused of being a hater, a terrorist or they compare me to Islamic extremists.  In fact they are expecting me to buy the garbage that, "Well we all have the same beliefs, just a different interpretation."  Excuse me, that's a total lie.  In fact, if your interpretation of the Scriptures is not right, don't expect me to buy that garbage.  I can't agree with Roman Catholicism's heresies such as prayers to Mary, the Rosary, salvation by works, etc. which is all but appealing to the pride of man's desire to "please God" by his own effort.  No sir, I do not do good works in an effort to either stay saved or to please God but I do good works because I am already saved, I can't lose my salvation and the proof is in that though I may fall, I will not fall away completely and that also I am not living the way I want or living like the rest of the world.  True Christians endure.  Conditional security is a popular doctrine because it appeals to man's sinful pride.  I am by God's grace I am what I am (1 Corinthians 15:10).