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Many Baptist Churches NEED to Reread The 1689 Baptist Confession on Repentance

One of the problems today is that the repentance is merely taught as a change of mind, to teach that repentance of sin is works salvation.  However historic Christianity had laid in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith wrote this in Section 15 called "Of Repentance Unto Life and Salvation" which was later used by Charles Haddon Spurgeon's pulpit:
15.3 says, "This saving faith is an evangelical grace, whereby a person being by the Holy Spirit made sensible of the manifold evils of his sin, doth, by faith in Christ, humble himself for it with GODLY SORROW, DETESTATION OF IT, and SELF-ABHORRENCE, PRAYING FOR PARDON and strength of grace with a purpose and endeavor, by supplies of the Spirit, to walk before God unto all well-pleasing in all things."
Obviously many Baptist churches are already giving in to "easy believism" which the Gospel is watered down to merely reciting a "prayer", to "ask Jesus into their heart" but there was reall…

Was the Church Named as the "Iglesia ni Cristo" in Scripture?

One of the most unbiblical doctrines of the Iglesia ni Manalo aside from the denying of Christ's deity, the teaching that only the council may interpret the Scriptures, that the Church apostasized and was restored in 1914, and that the INC is the "reinstatement of the true Church" because the Church has apostasized. But was it named the Iglesia ni Cristo? So let's try to think about their verses misapplied to make it look like the Philippines as the source of this blessing and how it contradicts when taken in context:
Isaiah 24:15- Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires, even the name of the LORD God of Israel in the isles of the sea.Isaiah 43:5- Fear not: for I Am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;
It does make sense when taken OUT OF CONTEXT (which is no wonder why interpretation is left to the Council of Manalo just as Scriptural interpretation of Rome is left to the Council of Trent). They are trying to defend the n…

Dealing with The Joel Osteen Argument by Dirty Catholic Apologists

It amazes to think of how some Catholic apologists are just what I'd call having their dirty tactics.  After doing some readings of their entries in the past, it's amazing how they try to discredit born again Christianity has always been using pastors who are actually AFFILIATED with the Vatican.  A LOT and I mean a LOT of corrupt pastors are aligned with the Vatican.  Aside from Joel Osteen, one can also mention Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, the late Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Bakker, Jimmy Schwagart and Rick Warren who are mentioning themselves.  
This issue of the Joel Osteen Argument was brought by Bro. Gerry Soliman.  I just named the argument as "Joel Osteen Argument" because some Roman Catholic apologists I know try to hit my born again Christian faith whenever they mention about Joel Osteen's scandals, never mind he is actually affiliated with the Vatican!  And also, Joel Osteen last June 8, 2014 met with Pope Francis as well.  I'm not re…

Why Stooping Down to the Level to Scoffers Doesn't Help the Christian!

In the Christian ministry, it's never an easy walk.  After all, Jesus always warned of trials and wrongful persecution.  You just cannot please everybody.  When you think of it, there are always DIFFICULT people to deal with and they are not easy to deal with.  For a Christian, it's very hard to turn the other cheek especially when one is badly and emotionally wounded.  Based on the flesh, it's very difficult to practice meekness especially the old nature wants revenge, the new nature wants to right wrongs God's way.  And it's not very easy mind you especially with a world going down the drain.
Yes there will be difficult people to deal with and they will keep coming and going. It is certain for one that scoffers do play their own list of nasty games for their own personal enjoyment.  Some of them know the truth but refuse to accept or reveal it, they know that they are lying but they present it as truth anyway.  I mean, some people who accuse me of being a homos…

Thinking About the Iglesia ni Manalo's Upcoming 100th Anniversary

July 27, 2014 will be the upcoming celebration of the Iglesia ni Manalo's founding.  What is pretty disturbing is to why the call themselves as the Iglesia ni Cristo when the founder is Felix Manalo, that the whole religion is based on the will of Felix Manalo, Christ's deity is denied and Felix Manalo is uplifted.  Now I guess members of the Iglesia ni Manalo will brag about their 100th year of celebration which is absurd.  
According to Felix Manalo, the Church had apostasized and that he is the last messenger, sent to restore the Church.  One must TAKE CARE of this argument. One, the Church is the Body of Christ and it DOES NOT apostasize!  1 John 2:19 had made a distinction between apostates and true believers.  The true members of the Church abide in Christ to the end, the false ones walk away.  In short, false members apostasize but NOT the Church itself.  Jesus promises in Matthew 16:16-18 that the Church is built upon the Rock (Jesus) and that the Gates of Hell cannot…

Some Encouragement to Born Again Christians Out There!

It's a fact of life that life can be very burdensome.  But as said in Romans 8:31 says, "What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?"  Matthew 16:16-18 is clear with this that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against anything built on Christ.  Jesus assured Peter that, "Upon this Rock I will build my Church..." and note it is not built on Peter.  1 Corinthians 10:4 declare that the Rock is Christ!  
Just some thoughts of how Christianity thrived against persecution because for one, a true Christian DOES NOT completely fall away but would rather endure to the end by God's grace:
1.) The early Christians were persecuted in the Book of Acts.  The stoning of Stephen did not end the Church, in fact it only expanded it.  Saul of Tarsus who consented to the execution and a killer of Christians became the greatest evangelist of the New Testament!  Peter the first pastor had one assault after the other only to get the Church ex…

Does "Love" Justify Sexual Immorality?

Looking at how same sex "marriages" are being legalized in the U.S. after they were legalized in some parts of Europe, some people say, "If they are in love, let them get married." But what many people fail to see about love is this- love does not rejoice in iniquity but in the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6).
God prepared laws of what defines immoral marriage and homosexuality is part of them. Nobody was to have sexual relationships with relatives, animals, children, married people and the same gender. It's not surprising that the porn industry does not only support lewd clothing to nakedness, but also some of them even have incest, bestiality, pedophilia, children having sex and so on it makes a backslidden believer sick. I mean David may have been aroused by Bathsheba bathing but I think he might have puked if he saw her in the act of homosexuality or bestiality.
I would say the divorce phenomenon opened the gates to legalizing sexual immorality. God didn't…

Works Salvation as a Common Denominator for Ecumenism

It's almost everywhere that salvation is preached to be the work of man rather than the work of God.  Why is it?  Works salvation appeals to the proud and delusional.  It appeals to the boastful.  It ignores the absolute holiness of God that declares man's fallen state.  Why I am writing about works salvation as a common denominator for ecumenism is this- the Gospel has been attacked and the cart is put before the horse.  It's very mainstream- aside from seeing the obvious evils like blasphemy, immodesty and pornography we are seeing the dangers of works salvation.
So how is works salvation a common denominator towards ecumenism?  Almost every religion teaches one must work for their salvation, no dependence on God's will at all!  We have it, "God will help those who help themselves." rather than the Biblical truth that, "God will help you if you are in His will." thinking.  One may think of these facts:
1.) The Pseudo-Christian movements ALL teach…

The Issue of Pornography

It's a shame really how some people think nothing is wrong with pornography and that it's art. One of the worst justifications they have had about the matter is that God made Adam and Eve naked. Excuse me, will they please re-read Genesis 3 again? One might consider after they sinned, Adam and Eve felt ashamed and covered themselves. God gave them clothing before expelling them out of Eden because of sin. One must realize that sex was created for marriage and that the viewing of another's nakedness was only for legitimate sexual relations, not for sinful pleasure.
In Exodus 32 we read one of the worst incidents ever. Moses just came down from Mt. Sinai after begging God not to destroy the Hebrew people. But then he got so crazy when he found out that people were already dancing naked around. He knew camp cleaning had to be done. I can understand why he went crazy - poor Moses had every right to get nuts with the immorality. Just imagine at least 3,000 people died that da…