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Testimony of Former Iglesia Ni Cristo Member, Now a Born Again Christian

Editor's note: 
First and foremost, I would like to thank the Bereans for this wonderful story of a former Iglesia ni Cristo minister (or pastor), now he has become a Baptist Christian.  It's a sad story that some people have just jumped from one cult to another.  Some members of the Watchtower Society, Charismatic Movement or the Iglesia ni Cristo have left Roman Catholicism but they have never truly come to know the truth of salvation is by faith in Christ alone and that any good works after Christian life is but the grace of God at work in the believer.  Now for this brave testimony that I can really share after many years of searching for one testimony which I hope will further bring more INC members to Jesus Christ.

May I begin with a word of prayer that in the midst of all these trouble, I call upon Jesus Christ the Son of God who the Iglesia ni Cristo deny is indeed God, the only way to salvation, that they trust upon their works and church membership than Him alone.  I…

Are Iglesia Ni Cristo Members Now Abusing Their Rights to the Separation of Church and State?

The Iglesia ni Cristo members (or Iglesia ni Manalo) have caused what might as well be a riot at EDSA, specifically in front of Megamall just last night (Source: GMA News). I really hate to imagine to what might have happened to any innocent by-stander or how much traffic these guys are causing. Worse, I even heard some of them even punched a cameraman from ABS-CBN. When I think about the issue behind this riot or rally (take your pick), it's time to really look at the issue. Before this, the incident where mother and child, the wife of the late Erano Manalo and his son nicknamed "Angel" were kicked out by the current minister.
While I would agree that the Mamasapano is indeed something you cannot ignore but with all their cases, the Iglesia ni Cristo itself must answer for its offenses. Now I am not saying that we should arrest and lock up and arrest all Iglesia ni Cristo members since they are the mission field, not the missile field but the detention of INC minister…

The Sad Truth That Hell Will Be Filled with People Committed to Doing Basic Christian Values!

When I think of this quote by Albert Mohler above, I cannot help but agree with it all the more because it's Biblical.  Take a look at morally good non-Christians when they are confronted with the issue of salvation, they tend to say, "Well I'm sure if I am good enough and I just practice Christian values, I am not in trouble."  When a non-Christian dies and has lived a morally good life, people tend to say, "Well the person in now in Heaven." like when I heard of Mother Theresa's funeral or when I hear Roman Catholics were glad that John Paul II was finally declared a saint by Pope Francis for his good deeds.
Such a view is just as stupid as Antinomianism.  If Antinomians love the obvious sins, the morally good unbeliever loves the sin of self-righteousness.  He or she may not be directly judgmental but they love to think that by doing good, they can definitely pay for their salvation unaware that in Romans 3:10-23, the declaration is that all people …

Sorry Folks, True Christianity Won't Water Down Its Message!

When I look at this quote by Reformed Baptist preacher Pastor John F. Macarthur, I can't help but agree 100% with what he said.  Now I don't really believe everything written in his commentaries but I agree he's a good expositor of the Scriptures with classic verse by verse preaching.  When it comes to Christian preaching, unsaved people tend to have several wrong views on what Christian love is.  The phrase "love one another" is so erroneously interpreted with a distorted view of what it means just as love is said to be one of the most abused words in the English language, if not the most abused word in the English language.  Love is often confused with lust or confused with tolerance of any wrongdoing as if it were right.  It is not the biblical definition of love because love can tolerate no error but rejoices in the truth.
Some people can tell me that I'm a wacko, a nutcase or a religious extremist or that I'm making the world worse by believing Jesu…

The Incredible Irony Behind Religious Roman Catholics and Their Sinful Lifestyles!

Whenever I try to update on any Roman Catholic website like its official page or any Roman Catholic faith apologetics blog, I always find one accusation over the other against eternal security. Eternal security as a doctrine has been muddled up by both Arminians (its doctrine is nothing more than diet Roman Catholicism and to Augustus Toplady, the road back to Rome) and by Antinomians as a license to sin. For Arminians, the teaching of eternal security drives people to sin and some circles claiming to be born again Christians are stuck with its heresies making them nothing more than a diet Catholic religion where you teach works salvation minus the magisterium, ritualism and the Vatican. For the Antinomians they tend to sing, "Oh joy that I am free from the law, I can sin freely forevermore." The heresy is really no different than Roman Catholics with their salvation that is first by faith (initially) but you must keep it by works if you expect to make it into Heaven. That …

The Jesus of Easy Christianity vs. The Jesus of the Bible!

Looking at this picture of Dr. Steven Lawson of One Passion Ministries, I cannot help but agree to what he said that, "If Jesus had not changed your life, the Jesus you met was another Jesus."  Some may say that I'm teaching works salvation, that the idea of the perseverance of the saints makes salvation complicated (HUH?!) and the list of false accusations can get longer and longer.  The truth is unchangeable that if a person claims to know Christ but lives no differently than before, something is really wrong with that profession of faith.
The whole misunderstanding behind Lordship salvation is due to a lack of research.  What Lordship salvation emphasizes is the difference between the true convert and the false convert.  What it does not teach is the need of works to be saved or that salvation can be lost.  What is emphasized is that if a person is truly saved then there has to be some changes.  There is a huge difference between the immature believer and the false c…

Lovers of Pleasure Are Most Likely To Reject the Gospel!

2 Timothy 3:1-8 warns of last day perils and one of type of perils listed are people who love pleasure more than themselves.  I have observed how some people refuse to leave their religion because they love pleasure.  What I have observed with pagan religions especially Roman Catholicism is how people are obsessed with feasting.  Look at a lot of countries that were formerly Spanish colonies and predominantly Roman Catholic and you will find people who are lovers of pleasure.

Reading the history of Spanish colonies, one of the many ways that Spain has kept people under control was not always by force.  The use of feasts were used by the Spanish friars to keep people distracted while the Vatican collected its loot.  I am really surprised that by simply look at the Roman Catholic pantheon of saints, it's very easy to find there's a lot of feast days in just one month!  While classes may go on but from what I remember, each village in a predominantly Roman Catholic country has a…

The Immature Christian Struggling in Sin vs. The False Convert Reveling in Sin

It's important to know the difference between the immature Christian who is still struggling in sinv s. the false convert who is still reveling in sin.  This is because some people have gotten saved and are expecting themselves to be 100% sinless, they expect to achieve instant perfection and they can doubt their salvation if they fall into sin.  Now can a Christian live sinless?  The answer is really no because when you read Romans 7:14-25, even the greatest missionary Paul was not spared from sin.  Romans 3:1 addresses the younger Christians who needed some help so God sent Paul.  They were already saved but they were just starting to live for Christ.  While they were already living righteous lives but no Christian is 100% righteous while on Earth.

When I talk about the false convert reveling in sin, we should address the reality of people who claim to be saved but they are living like devils.  It's a problem that some people today preach salvation without sanctification an…

Debating with Catholic Faith Defenders Can Be Very Counterproductive to Anybody's Christian Growth

Before, I remembered how I used to do a lot of debates with Roman Catholic apologists.  However the more I update on their blogs, the more I realize that arguing with them is a very useless endeavor.  The problem can be this - they debate in my territory, I win and when I do debate in their territory, they win.  If one had may have any known Roman Catholic faith defender as the moderator, the other side may have an unprofessional Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher who is out of bound.  Don't believe me?  You might consider how I discovered how many IFB preachers past and present were very quarrelsome.  Steven Anderson is among the worst especially with how he interacts with people when he's asked touchy questions or that he seems not to be able to do without a debate.

When I follow up with Bro. Gerry Soliman's blog, I have seen how many times the Catholic apologists tend to write really absurd arguments.  It was just like the encounter with "Lay Person Scripturi…

God Hates Worldly Churches!

I have noticed how some churches have used worldly means to attract people to come into them.  In using worldly means, it's unavoidable that the Gospel will be compromised with a sugar-coated presentation which is very dangerous to the soul.  I am already hearing the "all love, no repentance" type of Gospel which is just dead wrong.  You get a very diluted presentation of the Gospel, that instead of preaching on sin and the sinner, you only get stuff like, "You will feel love, you will feel joy, you will feel peace..." or whatever nonsense that worldly false preachers can cook up to get people into their pulpit.  It's a very shallow evangelism that results to the danger of false conversion.
Some of the Evangelical and Baptist churches today have also become social halls instead of worship places.  Instead of a worship service, some may end up having a rock and roll concert inside their place of worship.  It has become a worldly place where the Gospel is ha…

Did George Sodini Go to Heaven?

Did you remember George Sodini the mass murderer who claimed to be a Christian who did that horrible crime before taking away his own life last August 4, 2009?  What upsets me is that many Baptist and Evangelical churches today have gone Antinomian or Christian have taught that it's possible for a person to get saved and never mature or bear fruit for Christ.  Whenever I say that, "Salvation is by faith alone but not by faith alone." they say I am contradicting myself and some of them accuse me of being a "Jesuit" based on sinking sand rather than by credibility.  It's really a problem how Easy Christianity has so easily divorced genuine faith from sham faith.  George Sodini never displayed any change from the old life proving he was an apostate and that he was NEVER saved (1 John 2:19).  He didn't lose his salvation, he never had it.

Is it works salvation to teach the perseverance of the saints?  A million times no because the doctrine itself teaches …

Manny Pacquiao Might as Well Consider Quitting Politics

When I look at Manny Pacquiao's recent Christian life, he still has a long way to go as a new Christian last 2012, he would be currently five years old in the faith and I am glad that he went from Roman Catholic to born again Christian.  Christians are still sinners and even if they may not be living like devils, they can still fall into willful sin.  Now I am thinking about my prayers for my brother-in-Christ Pacquiao considering that he might as well quit politics.
I remembered how I hear Pastor Kent P. Jesalva (who personally evangelized to him) has spoken well of how Pacquiao started his new Christian life.  Pastor Kent's father, Pastor Armie F. Jesalva had also spoken of how well Pacquiao had a changed life.  On the other hand, I am afraid that his supporting of his current candidate might be an Ahab and Jehoshaphat alliance.  I pray that he will quit politics and find some other path in life.  I hope God will use him mightily in some other way.

Ray Comfort Evangelizing a Person Who Believes All Religions Are the Same!

In the method of evangelism, there is always the problem of people who tend to say, "Well all religions are the same.  Just be good and you are okay."  This is a problem that most people think they are good enough for Heaven.  I always hear people say I am the one going to Hell and they are the ones going to Heaven because they tolerate other religions and I don't.  Hmmm... by their own admission then Jesus should go to Hell because He said in John 14:6 that He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life right?
Here Ray Comfort shows the real sinful state of man to this woman.  It's very important to work with PATIENCE because people can always try to beat around the bush.  Just observe how Ray Comfort demonstrates how to share your faith without putting yourself above the other person.  
God bless!

The Arrogant Atheist and Self-Deluded Stupidity!

Look at the picture of the man above with his "I'm an ATHEIST DEBATE ME" black shirt looking so high and mighty with a proud look.  They tend to say, "Oh that's Old Testament." even if they also reject the New Testament, they call the Bible a book of fables and anybody who believes in God is a retarded people that deserves to be eradicated from society.  Such thinking was what prompted the spread of Atheistic Communism and the likes of Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin were indeed merciless killers which made them no better than the Crusades and the Inquisition.  Proverbs 6:7 warns that God hates a proud look and Psalm 14:1 says that anybody who says there is no God is indeed a fool.
Why is the atheist a stupid person?  If you consider it in Romans 1:18-23 is clear that the atheist really knows God exists but he or she refuses to acknowledge it.  They profess to be wise but instead they become fools.  I can see their inherent stupidity because most of …

It's Important To Keep One's Cool When Defending Biblical Creationism!

It's a major challenge to be facing skeptics and atheists especially when it comes to the creation vs. evolution discussion.  For the creationist, a single piece of skull is evidence for creation and for the evolutionist, a single piece of skull is evidence for evolution.  While I have observed how atheists can be very rude and insensitive to their opponents (while being very touchy individuals themselves), however it's never easy to keep your cool especially if you are near the children of Satan.  If I couldn't stand the bad attitude of Roman Catholic apologists, I don't expect any better from an atheist.  When I read their blogs, they are so full of cursing and bitterness that I choose to avert mine eyes and these days, I won't even comment on their blogs because debating with them is useless.
Knowledge about science is certainly a must for every Christian because God is the Author of science.  I encourage them to deeply study scientific facts that would disprov…

Does Calvinism or Reformed Theology Teach a License to Sin?

I have heard the accusation from the Arminian camp (though take note that not all non-Calvinists are Arminians) saying that Calvinism or Reformed Theology teaches a license to sin.  Some of them to be the conservative camp of Protestants because they believe you teach Calvinism or Reformed Theology, people will become lax and say, "Well I'm unconditionally called, I don't need to do anything to keep my salvation."  The Arminian stand on salvation is simply a slimmer or diet version of the Roman Catholic view of conditional security.  Both Arminians and Roman Catholics are just as equally misguided as the other.

I would allow myself to defend the truth that Calvinism has been the systematic theology used by Protestants and later some Baptists have adopted Reformed Theology into their way of thinking.  Some of the best Baptists to use Reformed Theology were John Gill and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  During the Reformation, although Martin Luther was the start of it but th…

Some Disinformation Agents Are Just Bitter Individuals

It can be a common misconception that all disinformation agents work for the Vatican when not all of them don't.  To assume that all disinformation agents are working for the Vatican is the fallacy of hasty generalization.  While I do acknowledge that the Vatican also uses disinformation agents but remember, the Great Whore of Revelation still has her harlot daughters and rival organizations to contend with.  When I think about disinformation agents and check out their videos (especially by those who are anti-Catholic disinformation agents), you can see some of them are bitter people who don't learn how to forgive.  When you are a bitter person then you are thinking irrationally, your judgment is clouded and you want to paint the world the way you see it just to get even with other people.

Have you ever observed a bitter person's actions and how he or she behaves?  You can see they are moody, touchy, paranoid, highly chaotic and abrasive individuals.  When he or she hates …