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Are Born Again Christians Who Were Formerly Roman Catholics Just Misinformed and Misled?

There is the statement that some Catholic faith defenders say that those former Roman Catholics who have converted into the born again Christian faith are just "misinformed".  When I mean born again Christians I am in no way talking about those many anti-Catholic cults erroneously lumped as "Protestant" because the teachings of these so-called last messengers do not agree with the Reformers nor the Five Solas of the Reformation.  Many of them still stick to heretical doctrines like adding works to staying saved or the opposite extreme of grace as a license to sin.

Now it is time to address the issue of former Roman Catholics who are now truly born again Christians to be just "misinformed" and "misled".  If they were joining anti-Catholic cults instead of born again Christian organizations then such people are still misinformed.  I am talking about true conversions from Roman Catholicism to becoming a true born again Christian.  Many claim to be born again Christians but they are not born again Christians.

The idea of being former Roman Catholics who are now born again Christians are "misinformed" and "misled" is really funny.  Some of these Roman Catholic apologists tell me to read the writings of their "church fathers" instead of studying the Bible.  As a former Roman Catholic who had read through the Bible and compared it with the official teachings of Rome in a basic catechism, I have observed how often verses are taken out of context to justify their heresy.  When they tell me to read the writings of the Popes and those they consider church fathers I really have to be amazed with how they follow the doctrines and traditions of men.

One of the official writings of the Council of Trent says, "Since it is clear from experience that if the Sacred Books are permitted everywhere and without discrimination in the vernacular (in the common language of the people, D.R.) there will by reasons of the boldness of men arise therefrom more harm than good..." (Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, p. 274)."  It is clear that they do not encourage reading the Bible for people to see the truth for themselves.  Yes it will do more harm than good for their institution because it will expose all their unscriptural teachings.  But it does more good to the ones who truly stick to the Word of God.

When people study the Bible and see the truth for themselves they really see the truth of God's Word above the useless traditions of men.  What really amazes me is that Catholic faith defenders can really say, "You are just misinformed." when in fact they are the ones who are misinformed.  They are the ones who are misinformed because they do not really study the Bible in context.  They really just want to keep blindly following the Pope never mind that they are no different than people who blindly follow sham preachers.

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