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Roman Catholic Fanatics Might As Well Reject Pope Francis

Some Roman Catholic fanatics continue to insist that their church started in 33 A.D. (HUH?!) and that born again Christianity started in 1970 with Billy Graham. They continue to insist that Peter is the first Pope, that the Popes are the successor of Peter, that the Roman Catholic institution gave the Bible to the world and other nonsense that they could think of.

Do these Roman Catholic fanatics ever realize that John Paul II and Billy Graham were openly comrades? Many of the actions of the incumbent Pope Francis has him having unequal yokes with those the Roman Catholic fanatics consider as "followers of Billy Graham". They can say, "Well it's missionary work." but it's not that. Pope Francis has not only had unequal yokes with several apostate "born again" preachers but he has also continued this "ministry of ecumenism" where those who are considered Protestants be treated as separated brethren instead of heretics to exterminate or mission field to be converted.

If the allegation that Billy Graham is the "founder" of born again Christianity then by all means, born again Christians are now brothers and sisters in Christ as John Paul II would have it. The moment John Paul II and Billy Graham considered each other as brothers in Christ was an unequal yoke. Then the Roman Catholic fanatics are now in trouble because John Paul II the official Pope of his time while he lived still holds that office. Isn't it true that the Roman Catholics are told to totally submit to their pontiffs like as if he was God himself? Didn't Pope Leo XIII say,"The supreme teacher in the Church is the Roman Pontiff. Union of minds therefore requires together with a perfect accord in the one faith, complete submission and obedience of will to the Church and to the Roman Pontiff as God Himself."

It's amazing how some of them continue to proudly post Pope Francis related stuff over the Internet saying, "Here's the official representative of Jesus Christ on Earth" all the while, they still oppose their current Pope's call for religious unity with other religions. So much for bragging that the Roman Catholic institution is never divided by disagreement. It's because right now Roman Catholics are fighting among themselves on what to think about those they consider Protestants like one party may say, "They're heretics to exterminate! They hate Mary the mother of Jesus!" Another party may say, "No! They still love Mary but they can't accept that she's sinless. They say she's important and they honor her except they want to directly approach Jesus!"

So much for their so-called unity then. There's really no good reason to even consider that Roman Catholicism "never changes" and "indivisible" based on its shaky history.

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