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Beware: Nobody Can Love Jesus While Hating the Scriptures!

It's really stupid to say, "I love Jesus." but you hate Bible studies. While there are many ways you can express your love for Jesus but practice Sola Scriptura as one's governing principle. I don't think it's just showing your love for God to do practices like praying to Mary or "saints'", praying the Rosary or any unscriptural religious practice. It's not just about serving God the way you want. You must serve God the way He wants it. God has a set of rules for you to follow so follow it! Some people wanted to serve God their way and paid for it in some way. Do you remember how Uzziah became a leper when he tried to offer incense when that was the task of the priest or how Uzzah died when he touched the Ark of the Covenant when he wasn't supposed to touch it?

It's stupid to say you have a love for Jesus so they attend one Mass or worship service after the other. But start inviting them for an expository Bible study and they'll go dizzy. Such people may not immediately admit they hate reading the Bible or they even hate reading the Bible. The reason why people are so afraid to read the Bible for themselves (and rely on some "infallible interpreter" or self-appointed "prophet") is because of their sinfulness. Martin Luther called the Law as the hammer that shatters our self-righteousness, the mirror that reveals our sin and the whip that drives us to the cross. Galatians 3:24 shows that the Law is the schoolmaster that shows us our sin. Romans 3:19 shows that God's Law reveals us our guilt. Such a thought is frightening for the self-righteous sinner or for the person who loves their sin. Worse, many who love their sins think nothing is wrong with them!

If you really love Jesus you will love His Law. True salvation changes the heart of the person. It's impossible to get saved and still remain indifferent. Ezekiel 11:18-20 and 36:25-27 reveals that this hardened heart will be given a heart that will walk in God's statutes and do God's judgments. Romans 7:22 has Paul calling the Law of God as his delight after the inward man. If the person insists to be saved but hates the Scriptures then that person's conversion is false.

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