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The Ultimate Irony When Catholic Faith Defenders End Up Refuting Themselves Whenever They End Up Mentioning Scriptural Truths

In the world of defense of the Christian faith the falsehood will ultimately refute itself. One such case is the Roman Catholic institution. Some Catholic faith defenders end up defeating themselves when they make contradictory arguments. I could give some examples:

  • The Catholic faith defender says that there's no salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church. They say that salvation only belongs to those who are members of the Roman Catholic institution.
  • When they say that nobody gets saved in the fellowship of the pastor and in giving tithes and offerings, they end up refuting themselves when they say that when they affirm the following which born again Christians teach:
    • Jesus is the ultimate authority and not the pastor.
    • When they end up saying that only Jesus saves. Hmmm that begs the question why didn't they mention Mary co-saves?
    • When they tell the people to read the Bible and you can't go wrong.

Such arguments can be very confusing. Let's consider the following where they end up refuting themselves with our without knowing it:
  • They say nobody get saved under the fellow of the pastor and they now say only Jesus saves. Wait a minute, that would put them under ex-cathedra under papal law wouldn't it?
    • Pope Boniface VIII said in his Bull Unam Sanctum, "Furthermore we declare, state and define (dogmatic statement) that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of all men that they submit to the Roman Pontiff."
  • Another important issue to point out is that if and if they say that only Jesus saves, didn't they just forget to mention Mary who they regard as their "blessed mother"? Have they suddenly forgotten that according to Roman Catholic doctrine that all must pass through Mary for salvation?
    • St. Alphonsus Liguouri said the following in "Devotions in Honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help" pages 38-39:
      • "Come then to my help, dearest Mother, for I recommend myself to thee. In my hands I place my eternal salvation and to thee do I entrust my soul. Count me among thy most devoted servants, take me under thy protection and it is enough for me. For, if thou protect me, dear Mother, I fear nothing not from my sins because tho wilt obtain for me the pardon of them nor from the devils because thou art more powerful than all Hell together nor even Jesus my Judge Himself, because by one prayer from thee He will be appeased. But one thing I fear that in the hour of temptation I may neglect to call on thee and thus perish miserably. Obtain for me then the pardon of my sins, love for Jesus, final perseverance and grace always to have recourse to thee O Mother of Perpetual Help."
      • Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin and My Mother Mary, to thee, who are the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the World, the Advocate, the Hope and the Refuge of Sinners I have recourse today, I who am the most miserable of all. I render thee my most humble homage O Great Queen and I thank thee for the graces thou hast obtained for me until now and in particular for having saved me from Hell which I have so often deserved. I love thee, o most amiable Lady; and for the love which I bear thee, I promise to serve thee always and to do all in my power to make others also love thee. I place in thee all my opes and I confide my salvation to thy care.
  • They say that you read the Bible you can't go wrong but here's the following that we can't ignore with how they contradicted themselves:
    • If they say if you read the Bible then you can't go wrong then why do some of them claim that not anyone should be allowed to read the Bible?
    • They reject Sola Scriptura as the principle that the Bible contains everything we need to know about spiritual matters. They may be confusing Sola Scriptura with Solo Scriptura. Sola Scriptura doesn't mean you only read the Bible but that you regard the Bible as the final authority for the church's faith and tradition with it as the complete revelation.
    • What they may be ignoring is that the Bible was forbidden during the Dark Ages (and people can be put to death for simply reading and sharing it to the public) and here's what they could be ignoring from the Catholic institution's history:
      • "Since it is clear from experience that if the Sacred Books are permitted everywhere and without discrimination in the vernacular (in the common language of the people, D.R.) there will by reasons of the boldness of men arise therefrom more harm than good..." (Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, p. 274).
      • "As it has been clearly shown by experience that, if the holy Bible in the vernacular is generally permitted without any distinction, more harm than utility is thereby caused..." (Great Encyclical Letters of Leo XIII, pp. 412-413).
      • "In early times the Bible was read freely by the lay people...New dangers came in during the Middle Ages...To meet those evils, the Council of Toulouse (1229) and Terragona (1234) forbade the laity to read the vernacular translations of the Bible. Pius IV required bishops to refuse lay persons leave to read even Catholic versions of Scripture unless their confessors or parish priests judged that such reading was likely to prove beneficial." (Catholic Dictionary, p. 82).

In short, it would be best to ask the question whether or not they have actually made up their minds on what they truly believe. This just shows proof of how often they keep changing their stance whenever it's convenient for them isn't it? 

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