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Do Feminists Ever Realize That Women Shouldn't Use Acts of Violence Against Men?

It's irritating to be told that men shouldn't use violence on women but the other way around is okay. No, it's not okay to hit anyone regardless of gender out of anger or frustration. If men shouldn't hit women except in acts of self-defense then the other way round should apply. But you have to remember the stupidity of selective justice and selective outrage of feminists. They think men should respect them while they think discriminating against men is okay. Their quest for "equality" is nothing more than a big joke.

Why is it usually a big fuzz when a man hits a woman but not so many people react if a woman hits a man? That kind of hypocrisy is worth addressing. They say men shouldn't hit women because they are "weaker" but is it okay for a person of lower rank to attack a person of higher rank? The word submission doesn't exist in the feminist dictionary unless it's men submitting to them. Whether they like it or not the husband is the head of the household and the mother is above the son. Women have authority in the household over their children but the husband is the head of the household. Everyone must respectfully submit to each other in love and respect. But for any sexist regardless of gender they never think about that.

Violence against men are still acts of violence. Women criminals who commit acts of violence men are just as guilty as male criminals who commit acts of violence against women. Using acts of violence against anyone shouldn't be okay. Spanking a child at the buttocks is different from beating up a child. One inflicts slight pain to prevent greater pain. The other is no longer discipline but abuse and there's a difference between the two. If feminists really claim to be fighting for equality then they should let men hit them for no good reason if they think it's okay for a woman to hit a man for no good reason.

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