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Broken Homes and Divorces Are Not Part of God's Plan For Biblical Marriage

August 28 marks the the anniversary of the divorce of Prince Charles Philip Arthur George and the late Diana Spencer. I feel like that August should be considered as divorce awareness month as a result. They sure had a magnificent royal wedding only to have wasted a lot of money in the process. It was certainly a big affair but it ended with divorce. Unfortunately, they are but one example of what's wrong with today's society. If royals like them are getting a divorce then so are those who don't belong to the status of royalty. Even before their divorce we can see how broken homes and divorce are becoming the norm.

When Jesus spoke in Matthew 19:3-12 and Mark 10:2-12 about divorce and marriage He means business. When He said that what God has put together let no man put asunder. When laws against incestuous relationships were established they were meant to lessen genetic abnormalities. When the Bible says no then it means no and when it says yes it means yes. God originally wanted marriage to be a lifetime but most people today think it's just a game. They just want to get married because of family pressure, peer pressure, social pressure or for convenience. That's not God's plan for marriage. He also intended that marriage was supposed to be one man to one woman. The Old Testament may reveal to us instances of polygyny (one man to many women) but they also show us how chaotic these families with more than one wife has. Just think of how Abraham, Jacob, Elkanah, David and Solomon must have had their headaches. Solomon wasn't even happy with his 999 other women in contrast to the Song of Solomon.

If you look at society today it's probably very common for mothers and children to fight because they aren't married yet. What could be worse is if they came from a broken home. Let's just say that this certain person still hasn't gotten married and he's in his late 20s or early 30s. The mother (who's probably divorced or separated from her husband) would berate the son and say something like, "When I was your age I already had a child. I already had you." The child would have the right to politely tell the mother, "And at my age, you were already divorced from father. It's maybe because you just refuse to submit as much as he refused to be a loving husband to you!" I might even say, "Well congratulations your married lasted for such a short time... what's to be proud about that?" Not to mention, it should be a valid concern to get mad at one's parent (though not to dishonor) when it comes to marital infidelities.

Some of the young people today probably fear getting married if they come from a broken home fearing they may repeat the same curse. Some women who aren't feminists may end up choosing to remain single because they have had one bad suitor after the other or their fathers were chauvinists and/or their mothers were feminists. Some men today probably marry late because they're probably surrounded by different types of feminist whores. Yet you still have parents who insist that their children should marry by that age all because at that age they already had a child. Should I mention some people marry for convenience and for the sake of marrying rather than because they want a lifelong relationship? Marriage was meant to last a lifetime but people today don't want it. They treat it as a game which in turn damages their children.

What's also problematic is that people treat marriage like a game. There's the marriage of conveniences where marriage is only meant for selfish gain. Some people get married only for business or political reasons rather than because they love each other. There's others who marry for superficial reasons like marrying for the appearance. While it's normal to have attractive people but superficiality leads to danger. Samson fell for the attractive Delilah based on his lust. Boaz wisely considered his feelings for the attractive Ruth before he thought of marrying a girl who must have been in her 20s while he may have been in his 40s. Some marry people for their appearances and when the deterioration happens (such as waistline gain and aging though it's not necessarily ugly) they start looking for younger spouses. Others may end up having multiple ex-husbands as a result because they just want power instead of a healthy relationship. As for polygamous families how do you expect a relationship to work well if there's more than one wife or husband which arouses jealousy. If Jacob can't fix his family of four wives and Solomon can't fix his family of 1,000 women then how can people today think they can do it? Isn't it any wonder why many broken homes happen today?

What's also amazing is how some wicked women like Jezebel, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton could still stand by and submit to their wicked husbands. Jezebel may have been a fierce woman that scared Elijah but she knew her place in the House of Ahab. Mrs. Obama may be married to a degenerate like Barack Obama but they've been married for several years. What's probably even more amazing is that Mrs. Clinton still chooses to remain married to her habitually adulterous husband. Both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are wicked women but they still understand their place in their households. That's why I love to say it that if Jezebel who's so wicked and idolatrous would submit to her wicked husband Ahab then I think most women today are worse than her in that regard.

It's also stupid to laugh at children who are getting upset about broken homes and divorce. While family problems don't justify children's misbehavior but it should be very disturbing at how parents blame their children without looking at themselves with how they raised their children. While it's not okay for anyone to act like they're the only victims of divorces and broken homes. They may get mad at their children lying at them while they do the same thing. Lying to your children whether it's about Santa Claus or just anything is not okay. Worse, what's the use of getting mad at one's children for throwing tantrums if spouses fight like little toddlers. So much for saying that getting married is a mark of maturity.

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