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Just Say No to Pulpit Pimps Because God Will Judge Such Evil Preachers

There's the ongoing accusation that born again Christians support those pastors who are pulpit pimps.  Biblically speaking, any pulpit pimp is a false prophet that has to be exposed and/or rebuked.  But many times, many of them don't even need to be exposed.  Many of them are already exposing themselves by their many ways to gain popularity.  Some of these methods include being a close friend or agent of the Vatican, preaching a watered down presentation of the Gospel, preaching a wrong kind of grace that permits a license to sin, feel good preaching, sensationalism with stuff such as unproven conspiracy theories and every worldly means that they can think of.  These pulpit pimps are never in to preach the truth but they are in to deceive people.  History has proven that false religion is one of the most lucrative dirty businesses if not the most lucrative dirty business ever.

It's indeed true that if pastors preach according to the Word of God then they're never going to get popular.  If anybody stands by the Word of God the should expect to be falsely accused.  If they go by the world system, they're going to be well-accepted.  One of the biggest signs a person isn't saved is that the world accepts him or her too much (John 15:18-19, James 4:4).  The world is in rebellion against God since the fall of man because of Adam's sin (Romans 5:12-14).  The heart of sinful man hasn't gotten any better as the world today just repeats many of the sins during the days of Noah, the days of Lot, the days of Elijah and the days of Jeremiah.  Matthew 7:13-14 shows that the road to life is narrow and that everything else leads to destruction.  It sounds stupid and bigoted to the world gone mad.  Many just choose to go where the crowd goes instead of going for what's right.  A good example is how Roman Catholics say they're right because they have huge numbers or because the Pope gets so much spotlight more than anyone in the world.  But numbers never change right or wrong because facts remain as facts regardless how many believe it.  The sky isn't blue during daytime because most people agree to it but because the sky is blue even if nobody agrees to it.

It can't be denied that pastors do need money to run a church, pay bills and to feed their families.  Although not all churches practice tithing or giving 10% (and the New Testament is pretty silent about it but it's not a sin to lovingly give 10% for pastoral work) but the problem is when pastors start using the prosperity gospel.  While it's true that giving for God's work means blessing (Luke 6:38) but it doesn't mean being exempted from trials.  When a pastor preaches about sin and repentance then there's going to be a lot of chaos.  The reason is because the majority prefer clowns who entertain goats over shepherds who tend to sheep.  What's worse is that many people today prefer to kick out the man of God warning them about the wolf ready to devour them.  It's their loss because somebody loved them enough to tell them the truth but they kicked the man of God out.  It's like refusing a surgical treatment that could have saved one's life but out of pride refused it.  That's how most people are really ever since the fall of man.

Many of these pulpit pimps may even think that their wealth and popularity proves that they're right with God.  Sorry, the Bible says in Luke 6:26 that it's not good to have the approval of the world.  In short, you can't have the approval of both the world and God.  The world gives fake approvals whenever a Christian does good but when they start preaching the Word of God as it is, the world's going to reject that person.  Many times, the prosperity of the wicked is their downfall.  Many people today have lots of money but they don't have Christ.  While being wealthy isn't wrong but when a person loves money then that's another issue (1 Timothy 6:10).  Besides, the Vatican gets so much support because it's really worldly while pretending to be spiritual.  There's no reason for the Pope to believe he's right with God just because he's living a huge basilica, because he's got the Pope Mobile, because almost everyone adores him because such are indeed the marks of a pulpit pimp.

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