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The Danger of Introducing Charismatic Worship Practices into Born Again Christian Churches

I remembered a couple of incidents that happened in a Baptist church and academy. One pastor who was in charge of having chapel hours ended up writing that he ended saying that worship services, youth fellowship and chapel hours should be a time to unwind. That's why he was introducing charismatic methods of worship for that reason. True, worship services are a time to unwind but he had started introducing the dangerous world of Charismatic Chaos. This pastor is probably an adherent of the heretical Bapticostal movement where elements of the Pentecostal worship has been integrated into the Baptist church.

I would agree that worship services, youth fellowship and chapel hours are indeed times to unwind. Who doesn't want at least an hour or two to rest with God on a Sunday morning or evening service or the Wednesday evening service? Youth fellowships and chapel hours also help time to unwind from the stress of work and school. But we are not talking about having worldly fun - yet this crazy pastor wants to introduce charismatic ways of worship where it all started with speaking in tongues. I can't imagine how could a Baptist pastor be so stupid to introduce garbage like this...

Take a look at this video of the problem of speaking with tongues. It's very chaotic. I really can't imagine how anyone could bother to introduce this kind of worship. It's not speaking in another language. It's just plain gibberish which makes me think why would a Baptist pastor even want to introduce this kind of worship? This is really chaos.

But if that's not the only problem there's also where we have "jumping for Jesus" where the children are encouraged to jump. A church is a place to wind up but it's not a place to jump. We're not in a gymnastics class! I'm talking about worship as the ultimate priority of the Christian life. While worship services should not be depressing or moody but neither should it be chaotic. While dancing was indeed done by the Jews in praise but the problem today is that we're putting dirty dancing as well as playing rock music and night club music. Martin Luther once used bar tunes only to have it backfire on his face so badly!

What's the problem with using rock music to get people to attend your church? Do you remember what happened in Exodus 32? You can tell how the wrong kind of music led to idolatry. People were singing the wrong tune and it led to a whole sick idolatrous orgy. Do you know that music really matters? I agree with the statement that you can have something that sounds sweet but satanic. But you can't have fleshly tunes played to Christian songs for this reason. Rock and roll has always been meant for worldly purposes. 

The poor excuse of using fleshly music in the church is to attract more people. This is the problem as Ephesians 4:11 says that you must have nothing to do with darkness but rather reprove it. This makes me want to ask this crazy pastor saying whether he's conducting a worship service or a rock concert. God doesn't want a rock concert! While worship services should never be boring, nothing is wrong with some clean jokes or some lively music like "He Lives" or "Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee" but this music isn't meant to drive to chaotic unwinding but orderly unwinding. 

The result is that the worship service ends up getting disrupted. It's praise and worship service and not just praise. Some pastors in the past did the error of not allowing musical instruments in fear of copying the Papists. Now, we have pastors who end up bringing in musical instruments only to turn their church services into Sunday morning or evening concerts! Instead of a morning or evening to worship God - it becomes a rock concert hall! You have people who are dancing and singing like it's a disco house instead of a house of worship. The whole message is disrupted and only a few are interested in hearing a good preaching as a result!

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