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Beware of People Who Claim to be Prophets!

It's really annoying to have people who claim to be prophets and that God has anointed them unto this generation but they are but quacks.  How do you identify these false prophets?  Deuteronomy 18:22 says "When a prophet speaketh in the Name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him."  God is clear that He hates false prophets and that He will not honor them as His prophets.  From the recent incident in Pangasinan being "clouded" by conspiracy theories and false prophecies, I wish this article will get people to wake up to reality!
False prophets claim their inspiration from the Bible yet what they do is otherwise.  In fact, one must remember Harold Camping's three times failed predictions- May 21, October 21 or the December 21, 2012 Rapture theory.  What is worse is that some of them will arrogantly claim, "Go…

The Catholic Clips Page Debunked

It's really no secret that some Catholic apologists actually like to use the pictures of Catholic Clips just as I enjoy using Chick Tracts and artwork for evangelism. While fundamentalist Protestants are using Chick tracts or tracts by Ray Comfort, from Living Waters they have Catholic Clips just as the Jehovah's Witnesses have their Watchtower Art. I just had a thought that I don't even bother entertaining them, they want to stay deceived then stay deceived and that's their problem, I can only tell them the truth. As a former Roman Catholic, I can testify in part of all these errors presented in this annoying page called the Catholic Clips that has been misrepresenting also traditional Protestant beliefs for their own convenience. Also, have they ignored the fact that there are unsaved ecumenical Protestants and unsaved ecumenical Baptists too?
The Facebook page is very good in presenting half-truths and mixing lies with the truths so they can "look good". …

Some People Don't See that Evil Can Pretend to be Good!

I remembered the instance when people start to get angry whenever you expose a worker of evil.  You get talk like "Why don't you like (insert person's name) he's not a bad person.  He does charity work and all to help others.  He is very helpful.  He blah blah blah..." was the kind of reaction after I told them that Michael Jackson or any other person was a worker of the devil.  As said, there are pretenders to good works and real doer of good works.  Some people just because a certain someone does what is "socially good" like charity work, they immediately call him a good person.  What they tend to ignore is that most of these good works are but facade.  In fact some of the most so-called charitable people are habitual adulterers, corrupt politicians, porn stars and you can name the most rotten sinners.  It saddens me to think to these people think they can deceive God.  They can deceive the public but they cannot deceive God.  In short, this works sa…

Pope Francis Spoken of "Political Salvation"

I'm not really surprised and what is happening. Some Roman Catholics still remain stubborn to THEIR beliefs that They are the true Church and that the Pope is the successor of St.. Peter. Not surprisingly, the Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis has spoken for political salvation . During the time he was elected, I've heard Catholics say how many he's got that charm of the late John Paul II and the appeal for a new world. Now this really makes my skin crawl Considering what I've Learned about the Jesuits through the Foxe's Book of Martyrs or just any former Jesuit priest turned Christian like Bob Bush and Victor Affonso both Jesuit priests who were lesser. 

Not surprisingly, here's some interesting facts about Francis Pope that he could be the forerunner to the office of the False Prophet or he could be that person already waiting for the Antichrist to appear. From Do Not Be Surprised, here's some facts about Pope Francis.  In fact, the Vatican can't even make up…

Being Careful Not to Go Unprofessional in Apologetics

While there's the bad habit of Roman Catholic apologists of not checking their own backyard, sadly some Independent Fundamental Baptists have actually absorbed some bad habits from Roman Catholic apologists during apologetic discussions and may even participate in debates.  Try listening to IFBs whenever they have a debate with either the ADD group, the CFD group or the INC group, you really hardly hear sense from either side.  According to Atty. Zigfred M. Diaz, one of the biggest problems is that not only because of debates but also because they aren't trained to be professional in apologetics.  Here are some of the ways that can go to becoming unprofessional:
1.) Yelling, insulting and heckling at each other.

Some Independent Baptists are no better in dealing with their opponents than the Catholic Faith Defenders.  You might consider that most of their debates are nothing more than an exchange of yelling, insulting and heckling.  In fact, it's sad to say even some Ind…

February 14 Should Be For Love Day Not Valentine's Day

I was thinking on the tricky question of whether or not Christians should be involved with February 14. My answer is that, it depends. For one, it should be love day, not Valentine's day. Just like Christmas, Christians may celebrate February 14 but without the paganism. While Halloween is satanic and should be rejected because of its moral practices of praising the occult, but certainly one can "celebrate" Halloween by honoring the Reformation instead.
Christians should instead focus on Biblical love, not the worldly concept of love. The degenerate mind tends to misuse the word love and equate it with harmful stuff like lust. As said, lust is different from love. In fact, February 14 for me is a day to remember God's love rather than the worldly concept of love.
Want to ruin Satan's Valentine's Day? Here's a few tips that can help aside from the usual evangelism:
1.) Pass around greeting cards that write down stuff about Biblical love with Gospel tract…

Atheists Don't Believe in Hocus Pocus or Do They?

Atheism has always had its long denial that they know God exists but they hate Him. So they say that Christians believe in magic and they don't. However I was thinking that it takes hocus pocus for these two foundations of these to happen:
1.) The Big Bang Theory
This is what atheists like it or not is actually, "Out from nothing came something." or "One day millions and millions of years ago, something explodes then suddenly gravity came in, then suddenly blah blah it became planets and then life was an accident." For one, common sense would actually dictate something is wrong. In science, we are bound to biogenesis that means life creates life and two, matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed.
2.) The theory of evolution
I guess they should throw is away since Darwin was no atheist either. The problems of evolution theory is that it actually challenges scientific knowledge than contributes to its database. I mean, they claim that out from one cel…

Charles Spurgeon Against Modern Evangelism

Here's some words by Charles H. Spurgeon who sadly some easy believists misquote, "Just now some professedly Christian teachers are misleading many by saying that ‘repentance is only a change of mind.' It is true that the original word does convey the idea of a change of mind; but the whole teaching of Scripture concerning the repentance which is not to be repented of is that it is a much more radical and complete change than is implied by our common phrase about changing one's mind. The repentance that does not include sincere sorrow for sin is not the saving grace that is wrought by the Holy Spirit."  Is it any wonder why C.H. Spurgeon is on the Repentance Blacklist website which is a pro-easy believism website? 
In fact, I would say that a repentance without sincere sorrow for sin is not saving grace.  I remembered some people prayed the sinner's prayer in Pastor Armando C. Borja's class but how many got saved?  We can see a few, only a few.  If repen…

Christian Lifestyle is NOT Just Lifestyle, It INCLUDES Soulwinning!

In soulwinning, it's important to have lifestyle evangelism.  Christian life must be consistent with salvation testimony.  After all, when we think about it, salvation changes life by God's grace and submission to the Lordship of Christ is a daily basis.  He became Lord to the moment a person get saved.  Now are Christians just bound to lifestyle evangelism?  The answer is no, no and no.  It is true indeed that Jesus said in Matthew 5:16 that to let one's light shine before men BUT there is also the mission of EVANGELISM.  Remember both Christian values and evangelism walk side by side.  In Matthew 28:19-20 is also sending people to EVANGELIZE, that's right evangelize.
Why is lifestyle not enough?  For one, it's  dangerous to think that it's enough to show one's changed life.  IT IS NOT.  Preachers like Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, John Gill and other famous Christian preachers weren't stuck with just the fruit of Christian living.  They were re…

Sadly Some Baptist Preachers Were Messed Up Baptist Briders

There's no doubt that there are some of the best Baptist preachers like Estus Pirkle, Bob Gray, Curtis Hutson, Lester Roloff, etc. were pretty good preachers against sin, they won many to Christ but what is heartbreaking was when I found out that some of the best Baptist preachers were also Briders.  Baptist Bride theology is dangerous.  I began to have a conversation with Atty. Zigfred Diaz a friend of mine who co-writes this blog has also discussed some of the worst IFB traits that are now prevalent.  He had mentioned some of them have become pretty unscholarly and unprofessional in their dealings.  I was in fact shocked to hear all Pastor Hyles' hatred videos.  Also I would like to say this that while I agree it's possible for a lost person to repent of their sins but not of unbelief, however it is 100% impossible for a lost man not to repent of their sins and to repent of their unbelief.
Now it was pretty disturbing to how long I actually did admire some of these prea…