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Stop Relying on Your Own Intelligence, Trust the LORD God With Your Heart Instead!

John Calvin's quote as displayed in this entry is really right about how Christians can lose guidance of the Holy Spirit if they rely on their own intelligence. How does a Christian go wrong with his or her spiritual life but to rely confidence in their own intelligence rather than the Spirit. Proverbs 3:5-6 gives this instruction saying, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
The King James Study Bible says this wonderful quote on Proverbs 3:5-6, "Three commands are given: trust meaning "rely on, depend on"; lean not, meaning do not depend on your own native instincts; and acknowledge Him meaning have fellowship and intimacy with God in all of life. The result of such devotion is that God will make the paths straight before you." Depending on one's own knowledge and intelligence is a real pitfall because all people are sinners. Even if …

A Lot of Atheists Feel So Mature But Are They?

With this picture from WHY Outreach with the fictional character of "Dr. Bob Palindrome", this cartoon shows how atheists may feel so mature, rational, free-thinking and enlightened but their actions say the opposite.  But as said, by their fruits they will be known and remembering how some atheists behave, it can be shown by their penchant for mockery, name-calling and deliberate misrepresentation.
I would admit it does get annoying and it's very easy to lose one's temper when one is mocked, called names and/or gets misrepresented.  Taking a closer look at why such people do what they do with their unethical activities, it really shows a lack of confidence in their own worldview.  The more I look at their behavior, the more I am reminded of what Romans 1:21-25 has to say about them.  They know that God exists but they don't wait to retain knowledge of Him in their minds.  Instead, they became ungrateful for Him who made them, they want to govern themselves and …

Homosexuality Creates Confusion in the Adoptive Family and This Picture Shows It!

Many homosexuals tend to say, "Nothing is wrong with same sex marriage.  We will be fine.  We will raise a happy family when we adopt a kid."  But when you look at this picture, I really couldn't help but feel sorry for the confused child when he asks, "Who's my mother?" when the two homosexual partners are insisting that either one of them is the father.  While adoption should be allowed for sexually moral partners who cannot have a child but it should never be allowed for homosexuality.

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon Says, "Don't Debate, Just Preach the Gospel!"

It's a terrible mistake for many Christians to get stuck in debates. When I was newly saved Christian after I learned Catholicism couldn't save and only Jesus could, certain people would get angry or they are ready to cover their ears whenever they see me with my black King James Bible. Some of them would say something like, "Oh boy, here comes the Bible thumping guy, oh sweet Mary, Mother of God help us!" or they would form a cross with their fingers when I am near. I would say, "Sorry but Mary can't hear you.. why don't you listen?" then it ends up becoming hours and hours of useless debate of yelling and cussing where the Gospel is not magnified, only sinful pride is ever magnified in debating with the unsaved.
The Prince of Preachers if he were alive would have told me saying, "Preach Christ or nothing; don't dispute or discuss except with your eye on the cross." The problem with debating with unbelievers as I learned the hard way…

Reminder: Muslim Terrorist Attacks Should Not Discourage Christians From Preaching!

If the Christians of the Dark Ages boldly preached the Gospel even to the cost of death, if Martin Luther was not afraid to nail the 95 Theses on the wall of Wittenburg which started the Reformation and if the Protestant Reformers dared to oppose the Jesuits' Counter-Reformation and the terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists today are no different.  There is no reason to be surprised because Jesus already warned in Matthew 10:22, Matthew 24:9 and John 15:21 that true Christians will suffer for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a Christian, I do not expect my life not to get more complicated but I expect it to get more complicated because Jesus said it.

A daily increase of terrorist attacks today make me think that Jesus Christ is really coming soon.  Even after the Al Qaida was defeated, the ISIS came as a new global Muslim terrorist organization.  The Paris attacks made me think that how Islam has been like the Rider of the Red Horse in Revelation 6 who takes the peace …

Some Atheists Say, "I Used to Be a Christian"

It's common to hear some atheists who say, "Well I used to be a Christian until I found out the truth." which one has to realize that Christianity is not just a religion, it's a personal relationship with God that grows deeper each day making the Christian only want to please God all the more.  Looking at some atheists, some of them supposedly attended Evangelical churches but they were not saved.  Just like being in a garage does not make you a car, being inside a church or a religious academic institution does not make you a practitioner of that religion.   Some of these atheists were also former members of Roman Catholicism or other pseudo-Christian denominations that claim to be Christian but teaches a doctrine contrary the Bible.
In the doctrine of eternal security according to historical Christianity, it's either you are saved or you are not saved.  Matthew 7:23 has Jesus saying to the unsaved saying, "Depart from me ye that worketh iniquity."  H…

Those Who Criticize the Bible Are Those Who Read It Least!

I remembered how I've seen people who actually criticize the Bible a lot for being a book of tyranny and oppression. Some foolishly unrestrained people have been calling Christian schools as places of tyranny, concentration camps and say that the Bible is a book that oppresses man, that it's a symbol of tyranny and it's a book of inconsistencies. But here's the question that I want to tell them, "How often have you read the Bible to criticize it?" I may expect an answer saying that they are too intelligent and that they don't need to read it again while they criticize it. I always feel like saying, "Look, if you read it thoroughly, you'll find out how wrong you are." The more I think about their refusal to take the Bible into context is because of their intellectual pride, not their intelligence. What they do not realize is that they are willfully foolish and ignorant while declaring themselves to be wise in their own eyes.
Reading through…

Christians Are Not Friends of the World

This quote by Charles H. Spurgeon rings the bells that one of the greatest marks of false conversion is when one professes to be saved but it turns out to be satisfied in full with the worldly pleasures and pursuits is a false conversion.  Don't get me wrong a Christian can find temporal satisfaction in worldly pleasures and pursuits but the loving hand of God convicts them of it so it does not come in full.  A Christian can get some pleasure from sin but they will feel misery and genuine repentance for their shortcomings compared to false converts.
When you think of the parable of the sower's three types of false converts, the thorns represent worldliness.  I am upset to how so many false converts today say that all four are examples of believers when only one is the true convert namely the soil that has been conditioned to receive the Word of God.  It is true that a Christian can temporarily leave when persecution arises but they return like Peter did, not end it like Judas…

Thank God for the Faithful Remnants in Your Country

With the quote above by Dr. John F. MacArthur saying that Christians are a preservative in the midst of a decaying civilization, I really think of the Abraham negotiating with God concerning the destruction of Sodom (Genesis 18:16-33). The world is getting more and more wicked by the second or even by the split second because of how fast sins can get legalized. What is legal to man is not necessarily legal in the Law of God. Satan is moving faster than ever because he knows his time is short and he wants to take as many people to Hell to suffer with him for all eternity.
I always hear talks of people who say that if Christians were out of the way, the world would meet unlimited human progress. I hear sin-loving people who wish that the Christians would be fully eliminated from the face of the Earth because they are a prick to their sins. What they do not realize is that the faithful remnant and that having more than fifty righteous people in the midst of a wicked nation is the only r…

Watered Down Preaching Against Sin Is An Insult to the Cross of Jesus Christ!

Watered down preaching can even involve going against the full meaning of sin.  Sin is not just disobedience to the human made rules but it's the cosmic treason against the very holiness of God.  God is holy and He cannot tolerate even the smallest sin which dismisses the idea of mortal and venial sin taught by Roman Catholicism.  Just because you keep the commandments to the best of your ability rather than by the grace of God, it's a slap to God's face.  To say that you are safe because you keep most of the commandments is stupid because James 2:10-11 declares that you only need to break one of God's commandments to fall short of God's glory.

The more I read through the Bible in my daily devotion from Genesis to Revelation, the more I wish that I was already glorified from sin while I am alive because sin has grown more and more abhorrent to my very being by God's grace.  When I read of how even one single sin had caused Adam and Eve to lose Paradise, Uzzah t…

John Bunyan on Learning More Through Prayer

There is the statement that the prayerless Christian is the powerless Christian. Although prayer is not the only thing that keeps the Christian growing but it cannot be neglected. Like Bible reading and doing good works, prayer is needed and here John Bunyan who authored Pilgrim's Progress says, "The truths that I know best I have learned on my knees. I never know a thing well, till it is burned into my heart by prayer."
The classic Christian truth on the prayer life is that prayer does not change God, it changes the Christian who prays. When a Christian prays, it is never for personal glory but to seek God who will be glorified. As the Lord's prayer says these words, "Hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." When Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethshemene, he said, "Not My will but Thine."
The classic example of learning through prayer would be Solomon. The prayer can be remembered as follows as 1 Kin…

Paul Washer and John F. MacArthur's Quotes Against "Easy Christianity"

I really hate the idea of an easy Christianity because the more I read my Bible, the more Jesus has not promised me an easy life and I can trust Him on that. The more I read the Bible, the more I hate to listen to preachers who promise, "Well God wants you your best life now!" because that is nowhere to be found in the Bible. The Bible is more bad news for the sinner than good news to the sinner. The Bible speaks more about Hell than it does about Heaven, more condemnation than salvation because man really needs to hear the bad news more before they can even be given the good news.
Now I would like to share two pictures of two preachers who share their thoughts on "easy Christianity". These are the types of quotes that get taken out of context perhaps at the convenience of the Antinomian.
I don't blame Pastor Paul David Washer for showing an angry voice in a lot of his sermons against flimsy evangelism. The reason is because a lot of Southern Baptist churches,…

Reflecting on Charles H. Spurgeon's Quote on Knowing God and His Word

Looking at this quote by Charles H. Spurgeon on God and knowing His Word, there's only one way that people can know God and it's by His Word.  A lost sinner does not know God because he or she is antagonistic towards the Word of God.  The lost sinner must be first exposed to the Word of God to know God and His holiness.  The Law presents itself as God's perfect standard which nobody can keep.  As Galatians 3:24 says that the Law is the schoolmaster that brings us to Christ.  The unbeliever must be exposed to God's Word and to know it, before He can come to a saving knowledge of faith in Jesus Christ.
After a person gets saved - then it's time to get deeper into His Word to know God better as each day passes.  To know God better, one must know His Word better and that can only be done by reading the Bible.  There's a statement that you check your social media accounts or your mobile phones for messages from your friends but you haven't been opening the Bibl…

The More Christians Grow in Grace, the More They See They Are Nothing Without Jesus!

Reflecting on this quote by Arthur W. Pink, I could not help but agree more that growing in grace means growing downward when it comes to self.  The more the Christian works for God, the more self is downplayed and the more God Himself is glorified.  When I think of why my life changed, why I can endure persecutions, why I can learn to forgive even the worst of my foes, why I do not want to keep sinning is by God's grace as 1 Corinthians 15:10 says, "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me."  
Remembering the song, "Amazing Grace" by John Newton, there is nothing but grace that changed the life of a wretched sinner to a wonderful soulwinner.  A Christian's performance of good works is not out of need but as the desire of the new man as a result of God's grace.  Romans 7:22 says, "For I delight in…

Sorry Pope Francis is Wrong About the Bible and the Koran!

As much as some Roman Catholic faith defenders may hate to admit it but the Popes have shown signs that they are not successors of Peter but of Caiaphas. The moment that Jesus became the worst enemy of the Pharisees, the Pharisees compromised with pagan Rome to get rid of the Savior. Pope Francis is no different as the incumbent successor of Caiaphas.  
In declaring that Allah is God, he has proven himself not to be a man of God but a deceiver from Satan. There is no way that Peter whom he claims to be his predecessor would ever embrace the Koran. If Peter could not embrace the doctrine of the Pharisees as biblical, the same goes for Islam! 1 Kings 18:21 has Elijah saying these words, "How long halt ye between two opinions? If the LORD be God, follow Him but if Baal, then follow him." Today, one may say that it's either God or Allah. In the Shahada (statement of both ritual and worship), Muslims say, "There is no God but Allah." signifying that there is no God…

Loving Christ Enough to Loving People Enough to Tell Them the Truth That They Are Lost!

There is the statement, "You can tell the truth without loving but you can never love without telling the truth."  Lost people tend to say, "You are not being loving with telling us our religion is wrong."  The opposite is quite true that when I tell them that they are lost, it's because the Lord Jesus Christ loves the sinner too much to sugarcoat the truth of the Gospel, that they are lost and headed to Hell.  Today's "love gospel" is one gospel which is not another and it is not real love.  It's very often to see people accuse the true Christians of just looking for fights whenever they attack other people's religion while they would see the "beauty of Christianity" in nominal Christians who accept other people's religions.  One of them even praised the late Pope John Paul II for ecumenical dialogues or the incumbent Pope Francis for continuing the same ecumenical dialogue.
1 Corinthians 13:6 says that love does not rejoic…

Apostasy and Immorality Bring Forth a Corrupt Government!

The quote above is really very true. If the people are apostate and immoral, they will elect men in their own image. Now let's take a look at the history of Israel with the apostasy and immorality that causes corrupt men to be in power.
Let's first take a look at the example of King Saul, a king with no heart for God. There was no proof that he was ever a regenerate man. Arthur W. Pink had written this about that ungodly monarch:
The case of king Saul. It is affirmed by Arminians that this king of Israel was a regenerate man. In support of this contention they appeal to a number of things recorded about him. First, that the prophet Samuel "took a vial of oil and poured it upon his head and kissed him" (1 Sam. 10:1). Second, because it is said that "God gave him another heart" (v. 9). Third, because we are told “the Spirit of God came upon him and he prophesied” (v. 11). Then it is pointed out that Saul acted in fearful presumption and disobedience (1 Sam.…

Christianity Is Not About Fighting Sin in Your Own Strength

Remembering the time I was newly saved, I tried to fight my sin on my own accord and figured out that I failed miserably. When I started to spend more time with God to help me overpower those sins the more sin was defeated. When sin was defeated, that was not me but God who defeated the sin and apart from Him, I have no power against sin except by His grace. Any power against sin is not by might, nor by fleshly power but by the Holy Spirit which convicts the Christian of their sins at the same time, empowers Christians from their sins.
Many Christians can backslide not because of a love for sin or a lack of conviction from it (which is impossible because they are saved and they are growing in grace) but because they trust in their own might and power. Have they forgotten therefore that when God saved them, He does not leave them alone but He is with them. One can read in Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5 (which cites the previous verse) give the promise to Christians, "I will ne…

Quotes from Darwin and Huxley That Might Shake Atheism's Foundation

I have noticed how atheists tend to look at Charles E. Darwin and Thomas H. Huxley as their heroes but here are some quotes that would shock them.
Although Charles Darwin was not a Christian in any sense but he was not an atheist as he is most likely a Freemason (he came from a family of Masons). Looking at this quote, Darwin did not discount the possibility that God existed and he had his twisted own view of God (which is idolatry) but it was not the God of the Bible. He acknowledged the fact that the universe is too wonderful and too immense that it should come out of blind chance. Speaking of Masonry, they believe in the Great Architect who is not the God of the Bible. So while he was no Christian, was certainly no atheist.

Another hero of atheism is Thomas H. Huxley. However looking at what he quoted here, he quotes that anybody who believes in the law of causation cannot deny the existence of an eternal energy. If he admitted that God so conceived everything in science. Even if…

Homosexual Rights May Soon Destroy a Society With the Consequences of a Homosexual Lifestyle!

It's so annoying that the Gay Mafia (better renamed as the Homosexual Mafia, gay means happy and homosexual is a more appropriate term) keep demanding for political correctness.  They may claim to be the most tolerant and loving people but if they were, why do they criminalize every act of Christianity that was not mean to get rid of them as an act meant to get rid of them?  The answer is in Romans 1:21-25 about their hatred for God. 
To have homosexuals with the right to political correctness, it also means that any propaganda that can undermine a pro-homosexual stand would be banned.  Just think of what if doctors were to present the hard pressing truths about homosexuals and their practices.  If a doctor would one day present concrete studies about it that homosexual activities would be dangerous to those who do it.  Such a doctor would probably lose his or her job for telling the truth about homosexuality and its dangers.  Is it really so wrong to tell people of the dangers o…

Reminder: Christians Are Not Homophobic

Here's a cartoon above that shows the difference between Christians and homophobic people.  Take a look at the four people who reveal why they hate homosexuality.  The first three are how sinful people who hate homosexuals based on moral altruism - they choose from God's Law whatever is convenient to them.  I would agree that those who are homosexuals are scum of the Earth and they are disgusting but again, so is every other lost sinner.  The homosexual is a liar and every one who has lied is already guilty before God.
Now take a look at the Christian who says, "I am a Christian.  I believe homosexuality is sinful because the Bible says it is."  What is annoying is that the first three persons are most likely to accuse the fourth person as somebody who condones to the practice of homosexuality based on the "proof" that the fourth person does not approve of their approach towards homosexuals.  Homosexuals are sinful people that need help, they need redempt…

Christians and Conspiracy Theories: Discernment or Distraction?

Here's a quote by Pastor John F. Macarthur who quoted this on his article Divisiveness vs. Discernment: Let’s acknowledge that there are unscrupulous people who, under the guise of "biblical discernment," engage in unbrotherly criticism.  Their tactics often include innuendo, character assassination, guilt by association, and other dishonest methods.  They weave conspiracy theories, sensationalize their attacks against others, and favor personal slurs over substantive doctrinal analysis.  Militant fundamentalism has made this type of criticism its specialty.  As a consequence, that movement has steadily lost its influence, forfeited its credibility, and fragmented into tiny, warring factions. My appeal for discernment is not a call to that sort of factious attitude.
As a person who used to be a captive of conspiracy theories and even wrote a lot of nonsense, guilt by association arguments and have used dishonest methods just to make myself look good and my enemies look …

Harry Ironside on Practicing What You Preach!

Although Christians are not going to live like the rest of the world, it does not mean they are completely free from sin and one of the worst problems is the mouth. James 3:5-6 warns that the tongue is such a small part of the body yet it causes the greatest of harm. Some Christians may be showing fruits of true conversion like continued repentance, good works and desire for fellowship but they still have to fight the problem of hypocrisy. This quote by the great Protestant preacher Harry Ironside means a lot and many Christians do have a problem with their mouth even if the greater sins repel them, they take no pleasure in sin but they have their tendency to have a big mouth. One of the greatest rebukes that a godly preacher can give is, "We can see you are a Christian with your continued repentance, you love doing good and you don't take credit for it but you watch your mouth." Many Christians can be guilty of preaching but with an inconsistent life. Some Christians m…

Are Christians Spending Too Much Time with Complaining About False Converts Instead of Checking Themselves?

Arthur W. Pink's quote above makes sense considering that Christians tend to be too concerned about the apostasy in Christendom namely with false converts. What Christians ought to do is to really start some soul searching to see whether or not one's heart is perfect before God. While Christians may not be like the Antinomians who think they can sin all they want but they can suffer from compromise.
Let us think of the Bible of the sinful compromises. I remembered how a Bible seminar once differentiated Saul, David and Solomon. Considering Saul was no believer then it was natural that he had no heart for God. Then there was the problem of David and Solomon where one had a whole heart and Solomon had a half heart. Solomon was the most intelligent king of Israel's history but he fell into several degrees of stupidity with what he did later in his life. Remember he had 1,000 women in total but he could only love the Shullamite woman in the Song of Solomon. Before Solomon, w…

Martin Luther, the Christian and Prayer Life

Just as John Calvin says that Christians are in bigger danger when they are in their prosperity than affliction, the same can go for prayer. Martin Luther's quote on prayer reveals the truth of the Christian life. A Christian without prayer is a powerless Christian and it's very difficult to pray and to be thankful for the good times. How does God deal with it? He sends harder times to the Christian life so they will pray more.
One quote I remembered from a pastor once said, "Every problem is an invitation to prayer." I have noticed that in good times, it's very hard to thank God due to the problem of sin. God is too good and holy as not to allow the believer to be without prayer and fellowship. Hebrews 12:5-7 says that those who God loves He chastises and the Christian who prays less should expect chastisement so they will pray more.

Prayer means talking and spending time with God to which it goes, "Prayer does not change God, it changes me." When on…