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The Difference Between Faith Results to Good Works vs. Adding Faith to Good Works

There's a huge argument between the Papists and the Reformers about what authentic faith is. The stand isn't just merely between Papists and the Reformers as it goes as far as Papists, anti-Catholic cults and the true born again Christians (Protestant or not) on what James means by faith without works is dead.

Is James saying that in order to get saved or to stay saved that you must add faith to good works?

Perhaps one reason why Martin Luther once thought of the Book of James as an epistle of straw was because it felt like the author added good works to saving faith. I remembered having a dialogue with a third degree cousin of mine who was a Roman Catholic apologist. He knew I was a former Catholic turned Baptist. I had a conversation with him and he told me that I should examine the Book of James to see good works are required for justification.

The Roman Catholic view as well as the anti-Catholic cultist view tends to use James' writing to justify their heresy. Here'…

Continuing the Reformation Also Means Preaching Against Quack Evangelical Pastors

It's so easy to heckle on Roman Catholic priests and similar cultists but hard to acknowledge that Evangelical circles aren't free of wolves in sheep's clothing. What I thought about is how often you may think that a certain pastor is a man of God but he's just as much as a wolf in sheep's clothing as the Roman Catholic priests. Just because a person claims to be a pastor doesn't mean he's a man of God.

Should it be mentioned Jeremiah has condemned irresponsible pastors or shepherds with how they carry their jobs? Read them at Jeremiah 10:21, 12:10, 22:2, 23:1-2 and you'll find out the kind of pastors God hates. Jeremiah 3:15 has God promising to give pastors who will give understanding. The problem is that there are so many pastors who aren't even men of God. They are pastors by profession but they are not pastors in God's eyes. This is a warning to Christians that just because a pastor by profession doesn't mean the person is a man of God.…

Continue the Reformation Through Expository Preaching

It's not merely enough to protest against Rome. There are many who protest against Rome who are just as heretical as Rome. What's not too surprising is to find some "Baptist" preachers who reject the badly needed art of expository preaching. Why do we need expository preaching? To know why we need it we must first define it.

Defining expository preaching

This is what the book "By the Book: The Whys and Hows of Biblical Preaching" would define expository preaching:
Expository preaching. When the main theme, its main points and further development of the points of the points or sub-points are all derived from the content, context and structural flow of a longer text in Scripture. This is popular when expounding paragraphs, stanzas, and chapters of a book and especially when doing a series of preaching from a book. (p. 45)
Here is the definition from Got Questions on "What is expository preaching?":
Expository preaching involves the exposition, or co…

Granting Roman Catholic Priests Immunity From the Law is Not Taught in the Bible

The Roman Catholic institution's history is one full of dirt. Roman Catholic priests may have the tendency to think that they are exempted from following secular laws especially if they're in a predominantly Roman Catholic country. Why do these priests think they have immunity? Here's some reasons that I think may explain why they believe that some may call as "priestly immunity". It's because they teach that they save the souls of people through the sacraments which they believe are Peter's keys. If you've got people believing that the priest is "another Christ" then you've got them afraid for their lives and that the priests may condemn certain people to Hell as they please.

But does the Bible really grant priestly immunity? Not if you continue reading through the Old Testament. Although both the Jewish Temple and the monarchy were to work side by side but it didn't mean that the priests had any immunity. One good example is the pr…

Continue the Reformation By Having Serious Bible Studies

As the 500th Anniversary of the start of the Reformation happens this month it's very important to remember to study the Bible. What launched the Reformation was because of the Bible. The late William Tyndale translated the Bible into English and the late Martin Luther translated it into German. Many Bible-believing Christians prior to the Protestant Reformation were condemned by the Roman Catholic institution for giving copies of the Bible. The record also shows how many Baptists were put to death before the Reformation for sharing the Bible to Roman Catholics so they will learn the truth.

What was in the Bible that Rome feared and said that only the "infallible" council of the Pope and his cardinals are allowed to read it during the Dark Ages? The late Popes Leo XIII and Pius IV said that Bible reading at the hands of the layman will do more harm than good. It's a common tactic to say that reading the Bible for yourself will drive you crazy. To make sure that this…

How Sunday Evening Services Can Help Continue the Reformation

There's a real debate about Sunday evening service. Some people have grown up in the Roman Catholic home where the service for Sunday morning has the same message for Sunday evening. The priest rants the same sermon like a tape recorder. Most people choose to attend either the Morning Mass, the Afternoon Mass or the Evening Mass. But such is the case when some people get saved is that they're shocked to find out that Sunday evening services are different from Sunday morning services.

The tradition of Sunday evening services can be debated. Some churches don't think Sunday evening services are important nor do they offer it. Others may end up mimicking the Roman Catholic parish in the sense that they offer the same message all over again. Yet the Reformed preachers taught a different lesson for both Sunday morning an Sunday evening. As I read through the late Charles H. Spurgeon's sermons he preached on Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. The late J…

One of Rome's Best Kept Secrets Unleashed is Their Violent History

One of the best kept secrets of the Roman Catholic institution is its violent history. Today, try asking the average Roman Catholic about the Inquisition and they may refer you over to's or any Roman Catholic website's revised history to disprove it. They would get mad and say it's just a malicious myth that Satan has cooked up to discredit the "one true church" even when it isn't. I tried reading the undisclosed history of the Roman Catholic institution which started to horrify me. One of these books is Foxe's Book of Martyrs which is a very highly politically incorrect book. The book would still be controversial because most of the Roman Catholic world believes that the Inquisition was just a myth and that the Crusades were either an honorable mission or it was just myth.

It's stupid to see how the Roman Catholic bishops start their condemnation of what's unloving and unkind. One of the biggest and most heated topics today is the d…

Continuing the Reformation Also Includes Loving Your Enemies

It's the 500th year of the Reformation and maybe one thing to emphasize is love for one's enemies. This can be a very touchy subject because of the issue of pride. The Reformation's history has been met with so much persecution. When the Reformation came then so did the Counter-Reformation. The Inquisition tried to stop the Reformation. Ignatius of Loyola established the Jesuit Order as part of the Counter-Reformation. It's a huge battle for the truth. To try and stop the Protestant Reformation meant that the Roman Catholic institution used bloody means to try and stop it. Yet, the true Christians always remained firm in their quest to love their enemies.

Matthew 5:43-48 and Luke 6:27-36 is the very pages of Scripture. It's the very words of Jesus. What's the use of defending the truth of Sola Scriptura if the one defending it has some bitterness? The message of the Gospel is forgiveness. If you read through the pages of the history of Christianity and not just…