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It's Not Okay to Be Blindly Loyal to the Pope and His Army of Pharisees

Some rabid Roman Catholics keep sensationalizing the sins of fraudulent pastors (as if true born again Christians ever support them) while they keep hiding the sins of their priests or Pharisees. They also say that born again Christians are blindly loyal to the pastor never mind that they are blindly loyal to the Pope and his Pharisees. Blind loyalty towards a a prosperity gospel pastor, a so-called successor of a so-called last messenger or any quack preacher is no different than blind loyalty towards the Pope and his Pharisees. Worse, Roman Catholics believe that their Pharisees are instruments in saving their souls or that the Pope supposedly holds salvation in his hands never mind all the priestly scandals are telling them otherwise.

I could remember how often Bible reading is discouraged (and yet some of these rabid Roman Catholics tell me I should read the Bible and I can't get wrong with it) because it could drive me crazy from reading it. Some Roman Catholics I've met "Well only men wrote the Bible." but they treat the Pope as if he doesn't make any mistake even if their doctrine of papal infallibility teaches that the Pope is only preserved from doctrinal error and not all human error. Some of them even say that not everyone is qualified to even read the Bible for themselves. While the pastors are there to teach proper interpretation yet they don't claim to have all the answers. People are taught to read the Bible and examine it for themselves. Now they tell everyone that Roman Catholics who are now born again Christians were just misinformed never mind that some of their beloved Pharisees have also become born again Christians.

It's a bad case of double standard to laugh at stupid people who follow a stupid pastor who's not of God.  It's highly possible that they deliberately miss the point or the facts whenever they criticize born again Christians never mind that these stupid pastors are criticized by the same people they criticize. Don't tell me that it's okay for a Roman Catholic priest to do whatever stupid pastors do? I guess the logic of these rabid Roman Catholic fanatics is that if the priest tells you to drink sewage water it's wrong but if it's the Pope or any of the Roman Catholic priests. I guess they think that their priest could "purify" the sewage water and the pastor couldn't. I wonder if they would dare to drink sewage water if their priest tells them to because it's been "blessed" and "purified" and that they don't land in the hospital or even die in their sins as a result. Blind leading the blind will always lead people to the pit of damnation whether that blind leader is the Pope, a Roman Catholic Pharisee, a quack pastor or any wolf in sheep's clothing.

This is also part of the problem of the selective outrage of Roman Catholic media. I guess they believe that the priest can damn their souls if they expose the scandals behind the seminaries. I guess the priest would say, "I won't save your soul if you tell everyone I raped the altar boy." so they do it. They may have been threatened that they can't receive their sacraments if they refuse to keep quiet about the priestly scandals. You have priests who continue to provide "salvation" for the souls of highly immoral Roman Catholics who continue to offer huge sums of money for their parish. This selective outrage continues to let the hidden scandals grow so big until their loved ones may probably be the next victim of Roman Catholic sex scandals. Hmmm... I wonder if they will let their Pharisee rape their child still believing that their Pharisees play a part in saving their souls?

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