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Atheists Should Consider Rejecting EVERYTHING Isaac Newton Contributed to Science!

Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 and has been recorded to be a devout Protestant Christian.  The atheist has continued to call Christianity as a threat to towards the way of "unlimited human progress".  If one has to be a scientist to be an atheist, then one may consider Isaac Newton to be otherwise an obstruction to science.  Therefore it takes a lot of courage to reject the contributions of Isaac Newton to science.  I cannot imagine Math and Science without the mention of Newton.
So for a "retard", Newton is "surprisingly" educated.  Let us think of some of the things atheists must reject in their study of science if no Christian is to contribute to science itself:
Calculus.  It was termed as fluxional method for higher Mathematics by him.  Whoever made the name calculus must have wanted a simpler term.  The discipline of calculus is almost in every field from its use to compute break even points and revenues in business to the building of the…

Pastor John F. MacArthur Clears Up on Christmas!

From Todd Friel's "Wretched", listen to John F. Macarthur preaches the REAL Christmas message to kick out Saturnalia.  Do you know the reason to celebrate Christmas?  Remember it's CHRISTmas NOT Clausmas, Giftmas, Xmas but Christmas.  Just remember honor Christ all year round!

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

One of the tougher questions regarding Christianity is should we celebrate Christmas? I would share my thoughts on is it necessary to celebrate Christmas? Now here's the reality... Christmas is nowhere condemned or instructed in the Holy Scriptures. So let's get two points clear.
First, you have the freedom NOT to celebrate Christmas.
Some Christians tend to find Christmas to be the most hypocritical time of the year. It can be partly true though some may say it's Lent that becomes the most hypocritical time of the year based on observation. People can be "nice" during Christmas then start to become jerks again for the rest of the year. It's always "let's not fight because it's Christmas" then the quarrel happens for the rest of the year, peace during Lent then the conflict returns again.
Some may have suffered tragedies during Christmas. Some may have been betrayed or even inflicted damage during Christmas. It can be understood that some pe…

For He (Jesus) Shall Save Them From Their Sins!

Matthew 1:21-23 "And she shall bring forth a Son and thou shalt call His name JESUS for He shalls ave His people from their sins. Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled by the prophet saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a Son and they shall call His name Emmanuel which being interpreted is, God with us."
It's sickening to think how the pagan aspect of Christmas has kicked on in more than the message that should be delivered. I have nothing against celebrating Christmas or having Christmas dinner, what is my problem is when the world kicks Christ out of Christmas. It's shameful that people get excited for Christmas and they become more inconsiderate. Why is that? It's because they kick Christ out of Christmas but not only on Christmas, but every day of their lives they kick Him out so they have XMas! The "mas" here means "feast day" but listen, Christ is not only for this season but for all seasons.
Let …

Why Lying About Santa Claus is Always a Hoax Hoax Hoax No Matter What

Hopefully I'll get the message across that Santa Claus will always be a hoax hoax hoax. Why is that? I am already getting sick and tired of parents and elders who teach their children not to lie, lie about Santa Claus and say it's just a white lite. It's a hoax hoax hoax to no end. I hope this article will tell children the truth that THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS. I used to get irritated whenever I was told that because I believed my elders would never lie. I learned the bitter truth later that not only is there no Santa Claus but parenting deviated from Christian values goes wrong.
So how is the entire issue of Santa Claus always a hoax hoax hoax no matter what? Parents can say, "Well it's just a fantasy game." Excuse me there is a huge difference between mom and dad playing Santa Claus AND the child is aware there is no Santa Claus vs. telling them Santa Claus exists. Let me show you a point between the two. This will help expose the guilt of those parents who …

Most People Are Usually More Inconsiderate on Christmas!

It's very easy for some people to hate Christmas.  Now not everyone who hates Christmas is an anti-Christian person.  Some Christians have their own personal conviction why they don't celebrate Christmas, I don't blame them.  I would discuss one of the saddest truths about Christmas is that most people are usually more inconsiderate on Christmas!
Here are some examples to look out for that proves people are more inconsiderate during Christmas:
Road traffic is really bad on December
During December, I cannot deny I hate driving the car during that season.  Most of the time, cars are very much bumper to bumper.  One of the reasons why traffics are bad is because people have their 13th month pay.  It means time to go shopping right?  The problem is also people don't plan ahead.  It's best to buy the toys before December to avoid the rush.  Some people just love the high discounts without thinking of the injuries that can happen during a mall mob.
Using Christmas as a r…

Will God Spare Judgment From Those Who Don't Believe in Him?

It's amusing how an atheist can actually say, "Since you believe in God then you will be judged by God.  Since I don't believe in Him, I don't have to suffer His judgment."  Weh?!  It's absurd to think how atheists can jump from one stand after the other.  It's annoying dealing with with their ever changing stance and double standard argument.  
One has to understand how judgment takes place.  Judgment is defined as a decision based on careful thought.  Judgment happens in two ways.  As a Christian, I do suffer divine judgment for any sin I commit.  God gives me divine judgment in the form of chastising me when I choose to be disobedient.  The Judgment Seat is an evaluation seat for believers.  The other type of judgment is condemnation.  You do the crime, you do the time.  Like you murder someone, the sentence is death.  Likewise, the judgment for unsaved sinners is eternity in the Lake of Fire at the Great White Throne Judgment.
The statement is absurd…

Atheist Entertainment Mocks Jesus!

During the dawn of atheism in America, it's no surprise they practically want to undermine the Christian forefathers that once made America great.  Stuff like same sex marriage, teaching evolution and forbidding creationism from being taught, pornography, bestiality and the like are rampant.  It was because in 1965, America outlawed the Bible from the public schools.  The consequences follows and they simply try to look for solutions within secular systems, only to make the problem worse.  
America is plagued by atheist entertainment that mocks Jesus.  How often is it that some comics, cartoons, etc. treats Jesus as a mythological figure or worse, so irreverently.  I could remember how Jesus is portrayed so mockingly in several films like "The Last Temptation of Christ" or homosexuals attempted to make a film that Jesus was a homosexual.  Right now, even one cartoon is about to make Jesus a lying sex crazed adulterer which is just wrong, plain wrong.  Many times, I am a…

The Distinction of the Christian Life!

Many people can say, "I'm a Christian." but evidence proves otherwise.  What is one of the greatest heresies today that happen is when it's taught something as stupid as, "Well when you are saved, you can still be as bad as you want and still got to Heaven."  That's utterly nonsense.  Do I teach works salvation?  No, I am trying to differentiate the saved from the unsaved.  Either you are a saint or an ain't.  There is no in-between when it comes to the truth vs. the lie. A truth will always remain the truth, a lie will always remain a lie.  
What is foolish is to teach salvation that does not result in sanctification.  1 Corinthians 6:11 has the words, "And such were some of you."  The keywords are justification AND sanctification.  To be sanctified means to be set apart for God.  The command is repent ye and believe the Gospel (Mark 1:15).  We have repentance and remission of sins (Luke 24:47).  There is a turning from sin that happens.…

Why I No Longer Spend My Time Updating and Attacking Heretical Websites and Blogs

It's a big mistake a Christian ministry can consider is to keep updating on heretical websites and blogs.  Certainly it does help to know what heresies are going on.  The focus is preaching the Gospel and attacking heresies.  In the past, I spent time updating and attacking one site after the other.  The only thing that did to me was to become incredibly stressed.  It had me learn the lesson the hard way that it's stressful and creates a vicious word war with such people.
What I realized is that by updating on heretical websites and blogs, I only got off from what was necessary of my higher calling.  As much as Christians are called to rebuke the workers of darkness but does not refuting a heresy refute the heretic?  The problem of updating and attacking enemy websites only makes one as nasty as these sites.  It means to be no better than they are who spend their time attacking people.  How does the habit of updating and attacking enemy websites and blogs deviate me from my h…

An Atheist Professor Converts to Christianity

Here's a video from Todd Friel's Youtube channel called "Wretched". Atheists always have their angry hatred towards God. Here's a testimony of how one atheist professor gets converted to Christianity.  Aside from former atheists like Dr. Lee Strobel and Pastor Andrew M. Murray, this is one man who discovered he's been in rebellion against God all his life.  
Listen to the discussion and this is one of the best arguments against atheism and their adherence to atheistic evolution. Science does not disprove God but it proves God, science proves that life is no accident. Sad to say but a lot more atheists are going to Hell because of their hatred for God.
This video will also show Christians are NOT LAZY to study science, atheists are too lazy to seek the evidence because they hate God. They think they are smarter than everyone else but they are real idiots. It's because they are rebelling against God who they cannot debate.

A Frightful Experience with Necromancy as an Unsaved Child

The occult is really no joke.  Even if Halloween is already over but occultism is not a once a year subject, only that Halloween is the time to talk more about it.  I felt like I need to talk about my experience as a Roman Catholic child, who tried to dabble with the occult using the "spirit of the glass" game... which I wanted to attempt on my own to gain revenge on someone.  I remembered the frightful experience because it revealed demons.  I just thought they were spirits of the dead, I used to believe in ghosts. The experience was pretty frightful, I heard the voices of demons pretending to be the dead.  I never thought they were demons.
The result was frightening indeed.  I would say that the demon had led me to really destroy people which made me do stuff.  The demon would try to haunt my mind.  During that night, I started to feel fear.  I tried to expel the demon by praying the Rosary and reciting Hail Marys.  The demon didn't go away.  Later, the demon only ret…

Answering Roman Catholics Who Insist They're Christians

As a former Roman Catholic, I can always testify that Roman Catholicism is not Christian.  What is getting annoying is that when Roman Catholics enroll into Evangelical and Baptist schools.  Here's a dilemma that Christian education faces.  Remember the truth is always truth no matter what you do.
Being politically correct does not mean you are morally correct.  Sins like abortion and sodomy are certainly politically correct but it's not morally correct.  Likewise, it has also become politically incorrect to preach Jesus' Gospel.  It has become incorrect to tell people John 14:6 that Jesus is the only way.  To be honest, it's not surprising.  John 15:18-19 warns that Christians will never be accepted to the world.  1 Timothy 3:12 warns that the godly shall suffer persecution.
The Vatican II Council has declared those they called as Protestants (erroneously or rightfully) as "separated brethren".  It was a "new system" and the movement called the &…

A Struggle with Having a Bitter Theology!

There's no doubt that even as a Christian, even if the truth of 1 Corinthians 6:11 is true.  Such was I before I was saved but, there is still sin.  Romans 7:14-20 has Paul struggle with sin.  Every Christian will struggle with sin.  Even if a Christian may be living a decent life.. such a person may be giving to charity, doing good works as proof of salvation but one has to realize, being a branch has its struggles.  Jesus talked about the need to prune the branches (John 15:1-8).  The branches need pruning so the vine can bear much fruit.
One of the greatest problems in my life is bitterness.  The old nature always has the desire to tempt me to be bitter.  Being a Christian is not easy at all.  Being a Christian means not expecting acceptance from the world (John 15:18-19, James 4:4).  It's only natural for a saved person to reject gambling, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, hanging out with the worldly, to live like the rest of the world... but there are still sins th…

Why It's Hard to Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Although the Bible says that you must be saved now but there's a problem we must face. It can take weeks or even years before a person is saved. This is not suggesting that a person must work for their salvation to be saved, rather there is a problem of the heart. Salvation is without works but it's hard to believe. There are many factors that you must realize that makes it hard to believe. This Christmas, I hope to see more souls saved.
First, we have the problem of self-righteousness.
Man in his inherent way of thinking believes he is naturally good. For him, sin is just relative and what's good or bad is relative. Man seeks to be altruistic in his ways. He wants to be self-justified. Man has his pride to deal with. People when they accomplish something big get a sense of satisfaction. For example, who would not rejoice in one's own hands making a lot of money? I certainly would rejoice.
However salvation itself is a free gift. Man in his pride wants to earn salvat…

Increase the Efforts to Fight Abortion This Christmas!

Knowing it's Christmas, it's very hard to avoid the topic of Herod the Great.  While the wise men visited Jesus when he was already two years old, still the Christmas story has it hard to avoid Herod.  Herod was an infamous madman for many reasons.  Historically, he had his own son Aristobulus killed.  Romans say it was way safer to be Herod's pig than his son.  Herod was a child killer at best.
Remembering how Herod was, remember the wise men didn't return to him.  Herod claimed he wanted to worship the child but there was already murder in his heart.  So what did Herod do?  Mathew 2:16 says that he had every child two years old and younger MURDERED.  It's really something how a wicked king can kill two of his own sons and later, he has no qualms to killing children because he didn't get his way.  He wanted to keep himself in power and did the unthinkable.  Herod's own murderous legacy should call the RH Bill as the Reproductive HEROD Bill because it also…

Athaliah: The Wicked Queen's Saga of Feminazism in Judah!

Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.  Now what was the big story behind her?  Athaliah as a queen was indeed a wicked woman who you cannot trust.  Let's think of the problem behind how Athaliah entered into Judah.  In 2 Chronicles 18: we read the story of the alliance of Ahab and Jehoshaphat.  Remember he sought affinity with Ahab.  A marriage between their children was meant to secure a peace treaty but that was one decision that caused disaster.  
Here's what we can see... Jehoshaphat was indeed foolish to have that alliance with Ahab. Ahab was a wicked man, no other king was more wicked in Israel than he was.  It's no wonder why Ahab had easily married Ethbaal's daughter Jezebel.  It's no wonder why Jezebel had little or no problem submitting to her husband's authority... they were both wicked idolaters and she stood by him no matter what.  They had a couple of children and the most notorious was Athaliah.  Athaliah was soon arranged to marry Jeho…

Why Telling Children Santa Claus Exists Will ALWAYS BE A CRUEL PRANK!

Knowing it's Christmas and I really hope children will find out before December 25 that there is NO Santa Claus and that Jesus is the reason for all seasons. Having been lied to before about Santa Claus, I really believed Santa Claus exists, fought to defend what I believed was the truth and only to realize, I was lied to and it cultivated my culture of lying. Sad to say, parents think that Santa Claus isn't a cruel prank but a "little white lie" that is much less harmless than a child lying to their parents about their homework being done.
It upsets me whenever parents say, "Oh come on, it was just a fantasy game. Nobody takes Santa Claus seriously." But that is were they are wrong. When you think of it, a child's first guidance is his parents. How parents carry out a child's discipline can affect him or her greatly. Remember Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up the child the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it." The Sa…

The Problem of the December 25 Fallacy

Since it's December, I'm going to try on the fallacy that Christmas is pagan because it's celebrated on December 25. One must remember that in any standard of right and wrong, you must consult Scriptures and not what the Papacy declares. I'm aware that Christmas is celebrated on December 25. I have done some research and anyway, I have already removed "The Two Babylons" as a valid anti-Catholic literature choosing to focus on books like "Evangelical and Catholic Beliefs Compared" and "Truth Encounter" when it comes to refuting Catholicism. After examining the Two Babylons and having bought it from a local Christian bookstore, it was a waste of money. The problem with Hislop was that he was so much into guilt by association arguments that it really doesn't make sense in spite of factual presentation.
So what is wrong with the December 25 argument? Now let's think... does a date even make a day right and wrong? I'm aware occulti…