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Abusive Parenting May Backfire

As said, people just love to take the Bible out of context to justify their sins like some adulteress I knew misused God's words that man should not be alone for her to cohabit with some other woman's husband who was estranged from his wife.  It's no different with parenting.  While parents should scold their children when they are wrong and should spank them, please not that there are LIMITS to everything.  
Ephesians 6:4 says, "And ye fathers provoke not your children to wrath but bring them up tot he nurture and admonition of the LORD."  Sadly, parenting that has deviated from the Biblical parenting has gone into extremes.  Throw away the paddle, the horse whip comes in.  So what has happened with parenting?  If there is the extreme of overindulging children, we also can become the opposite a dictator.  It's just like works salvation is as bad as antinomianism which opposes law. 
Don't get me wrong- I am against the idea of spanking the buttocks and d…

Come Christmas Morning... Then What Will Some Parents Answer to Their Children Who Discover Santa Claus Isn't Real?

Well I really don't expect much joy and gladness on Christmas morning as much as the idea that Jesus Christ could come again any time soon since how I long to be home with Him my Lord and Savior! For one, people as I've said have their very twisted view of Christmas. Now let's think about what some parents will soon answer when their children discover that Santa Claus isn't real, seeing that it was them who put the presents under the tree?

Although Jack T. Chick's tract "Fairy Tales" has gone over the boarder with making Harry a criminal seemingly suggesting every child who is pranked like that becomes a criminal (or will reject Christ automatically) but it does show a point on how stupid parenting is today! Well tonight is Christmas Eve and remember there is NO Santa Claus so don't even leave milk and cookies out in the open as rats and insects will just gather on them. This is something I hope will really make those parents stop that awful Santa Cl…

The Idea that Nothing Goes Wrong on the Christmas Season is Stupid!

Well it's Christmas Eve and no doubt about that, however I remembered the idea that I used to have as a child of Christmas as a magical holiday, nothing can go wrong, miracles happen. etc. but that is all so wrong very wrong.  In fact, the notion in itself is wrong, very wrong and has caused several despairs, people hating Christmas, people going crazy even to the point of suicide is because of their wrong notion about Christmas. In fact, here's what I have discovered about Christmas going wrong based on personal experiences.  In fact FORGET about that stupid film called "It's A Wonderful Life".  Be realistic about life! I can always say, "Bah, humbug!" to the notion that nothing goes wrong on Christmas!
Traffic and loads of traffic filled with inconsiderate people.  When Christmas season is here, traffic rush happens and it's very bumper to bumper to the point it gets annoying.  The reason has to be because of the Christmas shopping and people ins…

Foolishness to Expect This Christmas and New Year

Contrary to what people think that Christmas is a magical and safe time of the year, it isn't. I mean some Christian friends of mine have done some Christmas shopping to further extend help for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda by donating another batch.
Now here's what I basically observe can cause a lot of blood pressure problems on Christmas aside from overeating and eating oily foods like roasted pig and ham: Christmas shoppers can be very inconsiderate. You can check the traffic the road has, people rushing to go to the mall and wherever because they are doing some Christmas shopping. They could have done it a month ago but because a lot of people live on the system of extravagance and materialism, they can only do their shopping only when the 13th month pay arrives.You can expect public transportation sectors to be even jerkier on Christmas. Try to think about how a cab won't stop for a customer unless if it were a tourist because they can get "more bonus" or…

Remembering December 21, 2012 Last Year

I remembered all the mass hysteria of some people who believed some stupid quack predictions that December 21, 2012 was the doomsday or for some, the Rapture date.  So I was misinformed that Harold Camping died last year due to unreliable rumors online, he died THIS YEAR at 92 which was reported on Yahoo News.  If I were to throw something here, maybe the Mayan Calendar didn't end in 2012 but on December 15, 2013 which is the date of Harold Camping's death and this time verified as true.  
It should be interesting that three of his prediction dates which ALL FAILED have a 21 on them- May 21 of 2011, October 2011 of 2011 and December 21, 2012 but maybe the Mayan Calendar really ended on December 15, 2013.  So here's one thing I want to be certain... again the Lord Jesus Christ had already said it that no man can know and NOT even angels in Heaven but the Father only in Matthew 24:36 which is Jesus' own words.  That means when anybody brags to know the exact date when t…

Are We Celebrating Christmas or Clausmas?

Well it's just a week away from Christmas and there's no doubt about that but is Christ in their Christmas or it is a Christless Christmas? Most of the time I go to the streets or to the mall, there's the holiday shopping rush and most of the decorations that can be seen are well, Santa Claus. The music is mostly about Santa Claus like "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" rather than the classic Christmas carols like "Hark the Herald". Going from one place to another, I can see more Santa Claus decorations than the Nativity set, I can see more Santa Claus decorations than John 3:16 and Isaiah 7:14 banners and yet it says, "Merry Christmas." Just as what is need to be said, Santa Claus has really become the reason for the season and it's one huge big fat lie. As a child who used to believe in Santa Claus, I found myself more focused on Santa Claus than the Lord Jesus Christ which was only natural because I was still unsaved back then. I felt li…

Is It Okay for Christians to Celebrate Christmas?

This is pretty much a debate especially among Christians.  For one, there was a time I didn't want to celebrate Christmas any longer but I decided to myself, it is okay to celebrate Christmas even if the Puritans outlawed it to themselves.  Not celebrating Christmas at the basis because the date December 25 was set by Roman Catholicism and because of its origins is genetic fallacy.  The reason not to celebrate something is not because of the source but rather, the Bible is the parameter of right and wrong.  Pastor Ruben L. Lumagbas Jr. had begun his first Sunday sermon on a real Christmas message on Isaiah 7:14.
For me, it would be okay to celebrate Christmas because of the reason found in John 3:16 the Gospel center that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son.  In Isaiah 7:14, we read that the promise of the virgin birth.  Although it's impossible for Jesus to be born on December 25 due to the fact that it would be too cold for the shepherds to gather.  Wh…

The Meeting of Israel Prime Minister and Pope Francis

News like this hardly surprise me.  After all, I was discussing the signs of the times with Pastor Ruben Lumagbas Jr. who believes that with all the signs going on, get ready Jesus is coming very soon!  With Pope Francis being from the Jesuit Order, things can get very rough and the end times are closing near.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a 25-minute talk with the current Unholy Father.  So the agenda were more on Israeli-Palestinian peace, later he urges the Pope to visit Israel.  This is pretty bad news for Israel- the Vatican is moving forward to grab it and unfortunately for them, this is where the Antichrist may sooner or later step in.

Christians Should Rebuke Errors With AUTHORITY!

It's so often more times than not that correction really is sharp.  Titus 1:13 which is in context of what the Christian pastor is, he must rebuke errors sharply.  When we think about it, going back to verse 11 we read that false preachers must have their mouths stopped because they subvert whole houses, teaching things that they ought out to for the sake of money.  Honestly, I see that a lot on TV.  The TBN channel in order to gain its filthy wealth has done a lot of compromise, it's full of unsaved heretics teaching the prosperity gospel, positive psychology, watered down messages and so on in order for the sake of money.  In fact, it's no wonder why Joel Osteen's books sell like hotcakes to Roman Catholics while a decent book written by sound teachers don't click with them.  It just happened so that after somebody read some of John Macarthur's book "Fool's Gold" I wasn't surprised that he tore the book like crazy and didn't care it was…

Even After Yolanda, Some Roman Catholics Still Remain in Idolatry!

While I refuse to say that when some Catholic parishes were destroyed as a sign of God's judgment because some of them were really centuries old during the earthquake (and some still stood up due to better technology) or two, not all typhoons are an act of God's judgment either.  But as said, I am really heartbroken to think about this photo from ABS-CBN News which can be found in Leyte where the storm hit the most.  
The reason why I am heartbroken is because rather than repent of their idolatry and turn to Christ for salvation, they are still trusting their idols.  That reminds me of Jeremiah 44 that the people of Judah still insisted on worshiping the Queen of Heaven even during the famine rather than turn to God. Roman Catholics would like to say, "See we have a strong faith with that picture." but dear friends, disaster hits anyone including Christians.  There is really no doubt that God has spared their lives for a reason, I hope that these people will see the…

What's Wrong with the Anti-Catholic Pseudo-Christian Cults?

Before you can dare say I cooperate with the anti-Catholic cults, truth is I don't. In fact, they are just as damnable as the Roman Catholic institution. There was a statement that, "They came out of Roman Catholicism yet it didn't come out of them." Partly true. In fact, you have to remember that the Great Whore of Revelation is also a mother. Roman Catholicism is referred to as the "Mother Church" therefore logic will dictate she does have daughters who are off-shoots of Roman Catholicism or two, there are also offshoot parody churches.
Now I would like to list some of the reasons of their non-credibility:
1.) While papal authority is rejected, they however established their own papacy.

Felix Manalo called the Pope the Antichrist but his cult made him their Pope, Joseph Smith was also the first Pope of Mormonism. While not all of them have their own version of the papacy, however some of them have a papacy of their own invention. For example, the INC sa…

Does the Pope Have the Right to Claim He's Appointed God's Office on Earth?

In due fairness, Catholics or at least in their own admission do not believe the Pope is God.  However, I believe we need to address the issue of the fact that the Pope actually claims to be appointed of God in his place is really just as erroneous as to claim Catholics teach that Mary is God.  To make that claim, he actually misquotesMatthew 16:16-18 which however even the Catholic translations point to Peter not as the Rock but to the Rock, like an engineer points a location to his customer. I would actually give the Roman Catholic sources to state what they have to state before I present my rebuttal.  This just reminds me of some foolish classmate of mine who once claimed that Jesus appointed him as king of the universe to justify his bossy behavior.  Good thing he wasn't struck down like Herod Agrippa for trying to claim the glory for himself.  Now that's what the Popes are doing- claiming Christ appointed them as His sole representative and they hold upon this earth the …

Atheist Hypocrisy During Christmas

Now it's just few days before December and I feel this is something I need to raise.  Like it or not, some atheists do celebrate Christmas but without Christ in it so they can go ahead and call it Clausmas or Giftmas because they are throwing away Jesus Christ, the reason for the season or should I say the reason for the seasons.  I mean try to take a look at it... they could endorse the completely fictitious Santa Claus and then dump Jesus Christ as a myth.  Then later, some atheists even say, "Well Christians believe in Santa Claus." which is utterly ridiculous and not to mention HYPOCRITICAL.  I was also considering the fact that parents lying to their children about Santa Claus being real could become the path to atheism or a hatred for God Himself.  How do I think about it?  Sooner or later, the child will start hating God when they figure out Santa Claus doesn't exist because they spent much of their time defending a lie or two, they'll hate God for not al…

The Atheist and the Turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a Christian holiday where the Pilgrims were set in North America where they were free from the yoke of the Vatican.  American Indians and Pilgrims made a peace pact and the preaching of the Gospel was soon set on fire in America, winning American Indians to Christ.  Sadly, America has become very secular with thanksgiving and unfortunately atheism is very rampant.  You have atheists having their radical hate movement targeting Christianity as well as anything that looks Christian to them.
Well here's some picture I think should probably describe the evolutionist's Thanksgiving Day.  They know God exists but they are not thankful and their imaginations have become foolish.  In fact, they may want to thank evolution for slowly turning some species of dinosaur into turkeys which is utterly unscientific.  They'd rather thank evolution which they want to believe in than God who they know really exists but they hate with a passion because they want to live …

Some Christians Will Probably Die From Stress Before the Blessed Hope Comes!

I would now admit it, the world is getting to become one huge insane asylum.  Same sex marriage approvals, evil figures becoming popular despite their gross immorality, disasters happening, the family system of God is now endangered, false religion thriving, people blaming God for the disasters they wrought upon themselves, all these things can drive any child of God crazy and wanting to be in Heaven already, after all this world is not their home.  In fact, the world's immorality is getting higher and higher, the world isn't getting any better thant is why I really believe that some Christians are most likely going to die from stress before the Blessed Hope comes.  Now listen first, I am not setting any date or time for the Rapture to hit... I would also admit I was kind of disappointed it didn't hit last December 21, 2012 of last year but if it did, God would be liar to say only He knows the time and date of that event!  I was thinking some Christians are really hoping …

My Thoughts on Manny Pacquaio's Recent Victory

Well after the defeat of Pacquiao at the hands of Marquez, he had won another victory after being tested. I personally am not a boxing fan nor do I intend to be one but I want to give my thoughts on his victory yet again.  On the other hand, I still cannot forget the illogical statement that some Roman Catholics made that it was because he left his faith that he lost.

Now can those apologists who really have heckled me a lot in the past now explain why Pacquiao had won again?  To be honest, the argument is null and void like there are times Christian schools beat Roman Catholic schools in inter-school competitions and vice-versa.  For the Christian schools to lose, it doesn't mean God has forsaken them but has given them some losses perhaps to chastise them or to test them so they can see their flaws.  Again, religion has NOTHING to do with winning or losing competitions, period.

The Easy Believist's Erroneous View of Eternal Security

I was thinking when I started to get saved but it was utterly foolish to preach that a Christian can live on sinning and go to Heaven. Again, I would stress that I don't teach works salvation. However I do not buy the story that the eternally secure can go on sinning without chastisement, saved and living like devils or can even renounce their faith which is what the easy believist tends to teach. I would like to attack the satanic doctrine of easy believism. It's just as demonic was works salvation. I am amazed how some of them can even erroneously quote Spurgeon and Ironside only to misquote such great preachers. May I really address such facts that the battle against Antinomianism is just as important as the battle against works salvation. I stand for the perseverance of the saints which draws the line between false professors of Christianity to true professors of Christianity.
Now for some of these two points of the easy believist's erroneous view of eternal security:

Is the Interpretation of Scripture Left to the Roman Catholic Institution or Not?

I am practically disturbed by how the Roman Catholic institution claims that they have all the authority to interpret Scriptures as the "infallible magisterium" or authority.  Like it or not, that trait also made into some of its daughters like the INC and Mormonism to name a few having its central government that is in charge of "interpreting Scriptures" accurately when the more I examine Scriptures, the more I really see how stupid it is.  In fact, even Catholic Clips ministries is mind you very good at heckling.  Some say, "Well only the Roman Catholic Church built upon Peter has the authority to interpret Scriptures.  Why don't you check out 1 Timothy 3:15?"  To be honest, I cannot help but feel sorry and ignorant for how Catholics claim to have their Scriptural grounds when in 1 Timothy 3, it requires the bishop to be married and besides, isn't a priest also a church leader?  The Good News translation uses "church leader" in the pl…

A Thought on Atheists and Typhoon Yolanda

I remembered some atheist talks especially some had escalated after the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda that had hit the Philippines and left many homeless.  Just made me think that some atheist would say something like, "Well the Christians just do nothing but pray.  They pray and they pray, that's pathetic.  They are a group of idiots who are under-evolved and still rely on their God.  If there is a God, why doesn't He stop the storm?" then later, we hear them rant all the want that God is cruel and merciless while they stick to the Dawkins' rule of pitiless indifference.

However what these atheists don't realize is that Christianity is not just pray and wait for God to move, they move because God is moving and guiding them, they do good works because good works is the result of salvation through Jesus Christ.  In fact, praise God that Pastor Kent Jesalva was able to move 500 boxes of relief goods from Cebu island to affected places because of everybody'…

Satan Taking Advantage of Children's Gullibility

Remembering myself as a child as well as other children who tell them whatever their parents tell them, it's very common for children especially in their toddler years to believe everything their parents tell them even if it's a lie.  I had my thought that as somebody who grew up believing Santa Claus is real and now opened to the truth, I realize just how much Satan can take advantage of a child's weak, fragile mind to make them believe what is fictional to be real.  I mean, a child cannot really discern a mascot to be just a man inside a suit or that the Santa Claus in the mall is obviously wearing a fake beard. In fact, how many times has it been since in my childhood I thought that man in the suit was Santa Claus?  I would say I cannot even count it and sadly, Satan really loves to take advantage of children's gullibility.  Then come Easter then there's the non-existent Easter Bunny whose obviously a man in a suit and whatever may go on.
Whether you like it or…

Christians Thanking God for the Bitter Afflictions

As I was reading of the disasters that hit my country the Philippines for the past few weeks, it was something as the earthquake followed by Typhoon Yolanda was really a devastation.  It made me think again, "What is God's purpose in this?".  I was remembering the times I would get mad with all the bad things God allows and say, "God why?" which really a hard question.  But God has His answers to why He allows suffering in mankind.  If he can praise God in the night, the daylight is not far off." which is so true.  When looking at the Bible, one can read in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good for those that love God. 1 Peter 1:7 says that the trial of faith is much more precious than gold.  These trials serve a special purpose for the reason- for the greater glory of God!
Now one must remember, this is a sinful world.  I did remember the sermon of Pastor John F. Macarthur called "The Purpose of Trials".  In fact there is no Christ…

Conspiracy Theories Usually End Up Nowhere But Endless Speculations

Another good reason why Christians should be avoiding conspiracy theories is that it really brings to useless speculations.  From earthquakes to storms, suddenly I am hearing of possible manmade storms after the Typhoon Yolanda incident which I am not ready to accept that as a truth until it's verified.  During the tsunami a few years ago, I even read somebody who boldly claimed it was an underwater bombing done by the Illuminati yet no proof was given.
But as said, Christians should ONLY stick to the facts, not endless speculations.  Also one has to think that these speculations can drive a person paranoid rather than strong with the Word of God.  That is why I personally have dropped reading conspiracy theories that aren't easily proven.  In fact, conspiracy theories are all a series of assumptions that lead nowhere.  I mean, for example it's like making too many speculations on one ungodly organization after the other.  Sad to say, some Independent Fundamental Baptist…

Do Homosexuals Even Know Why Their Sin is Also Called Sodomy?

I was thinking of the fact that the word sodomy has been several times misused and confused.  To them today's sodomite is just an inhabitant of the city of Sodom (which its inhabitants were most likely descendants of Ham seeing that line gave birth to Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya and Canaan), unaware that this is serious business!  I remembered hearing from an anthropologist and an archaeologist that Sodom had a disgusting religion.  
Some historians have noted that Sodom was a city full of homosexuals and sexual immorality and even little children weren't safe from their gross perversions.  I would like to guess that the priests of Sodom raped their altar boys too!  In Genesis 19, we really read the instance when the male homosexuals wanted to have an orgy with the two angels that visited the city.  It was a really ill encounter that Lot even offered his two daughters instead to protect the guests out of being nervous.  Lot was really miserable in Sodom because of their sinfulness…

Why Believe the Blessed Hope Must Occur First

Today the world is really going crazier and in fact, I don't even feel at home in this world and how I long to be freed from my sins even if I am not living a life of sin. In fact, thinking about December 21, 2012 last year to which some say would become the date of the Rapture of the Church, I feel I should address to why it must occur first. Some of the worst heretical views are that some Christians will be left behind or the split-Rapture theory and we can have the no Rapture theory (which hyper-historicists view that the Rapture as a satanic Jesuit invention when it isn't to the point good Christian workers get accused of teaching such) and the post-Tribulation Rapture theory which is done by some true Christians. But here's why I personally think the Rapture must come first!
1.) Christians are a worldwide headache to the world.

While the Church is still at the Earth, the Holy Spirit is still in control limiting the amount of evil that God permits! I just gave a thoug…

The Bitter Irony of Atheism

Atheism is in fact a very ironic, self-contradicting religion.  According to atheists they have no religion but then why are they listed as atheists in their religion?  In fact, the more I think about how ironic atheism is, the more Psalm 14:1 is proven right that the fool says in his heart that there is no God.  Well like it or not, they can hate pastors like Ray Comfort and the late D. James Kennedy for preaching the truth.  I'm not surprised at how many videos on Youtube make fun of Ray Comfort demonstrating life can't be an accident.  Romans 1:21 says, "Because that when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened."  See the atheist is aware there is a God but believes there is no God.  Isn't that very contradictory?  Indeed it is. 
Now to examine some of these bizarre ironies of atheism:
1.) Atheists claim there is no God yet I frequently hear them say how cru…

Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

One of the greatest argument of the atheist is, "Where was God in all the natural disasters?  If He is so good, why does He allow it?"  Obviously the atheist is angry with God unaware of one simple answer to that, that is sin has cursed the Earth.  Remember the ground was cursed, the once perfect world was ruined when Adam and Eve sinned, the Earth was sinned.  Creation was ruined.  In fact, the natural disasters are a very good portrait of one thing, the very holiness of God towards a sinful world.  It takes a real fool to say he is no sinner.  I would like to raise this topic that God's holiness is very, very powerful.  You cannot deny that man has fallen short of God's holy standard. You may say, "Hey wait I just did one sin..." well sorry, but James 2:10-11 says if you just even break one of God's rules, you are a transgressor.  And as a result, the sin of mankind has brought disaster upon them.
When you try to think about it, the curse of the grou…