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Whose Rights Are Politically Correct Organizations Defending Anyway?

Organizations like Amnesty International, the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the European Union, Global Thinkers, the Roman Catholic institution or just any politically correct organization aren't making the world a better place as they claim. The question is whose rights are these politically correct organizations defending anyway? Are they defending the rights of victims as they claim or are they defending the rights of people who love to do wrong? It's time to ask the question of whose rights are these politically organizations defending anyway.

It's time to take a look at how politically correct organizations are very stupid and hypocritical. They demand complete tolerance but can't tolerate views different than theirs. In truth complete tolerance is absolutely impossible for this reason: if you love the good then you will hate the evil. If you love the evil then you will hate the good. Good and evil are always opposing forces to which you can't reconcile. If these organizations say they demand complete tolerance it's complete tolerance for their stupid causes. Let's try and take a look at how hypocritical these politically correct organizations really are. Just be warned that this post is going to be very politically incorrect because it seeks to be Biblically correct.

Defending prominent but immoral people whenever it's convenient for them

This trend of giving awards to immoral people isn't anything new. Another woman who tends to be celebrated as a heroine is the late Margaret Sanger. Feminists may look up to Sanger as a heroine for women's rights. In reality, she was a dirty racist, she's responsible for abortion clinics running left and right. Another is Ellen Degeneres a lesbian activist who got called a heroine all because she refused a Christian in her talk show. Former U.S. president Barack Hussein D. Obama even gave her a medal of valor. That fact alone should be disgusting why a lesbian who fights for the right to do homosexual acts gets a medal of valor instead of women who truly deserve it. Neither of these women ever deserve any recognition as heroines. Giving an award to certain immoral people of high rank by a politically correct organization should be no surprise either. They don't really care if the person is so immoral as long as the person agrees with their immoral mindset.

It's easy to see how certain immoral people can be hailed as a hero or heroine, a martyr for democracy and a political prisoner by politically correct organizations when she's not. Many deserve their award from Global Thinkers for this reason that it's a politically correct organization. They were awarded for political correctness and they deserved it. Certain Roman Catholic organizations back these people up because of their donations. Facts also have it that many immoral people are backed up by Roman Catholic parochial organizations tend to be a hint to the guilt of these people. A lot of big time donors to the Vatican are highly immoral people. The Vatican's various parishes also has covered up a lot of scandals of its priests is no surprise. The Vatican has been covering up its scandals throughout the centuries and they still continue to deny it or pretend to apologize for it.

It's safe to assume that the Roman Catholic institution and its minions are always siding with immoral people who give a lot of donations. Why do you think a lot of faithful Roman Catholic alumni from schools Jesuit-ran schools keep fighting against the death penalty for heinous crimes like rape, plunder and murder? It's because a lot of immoral people give huge donations to the Vatican. It's no secret that the Dark Ages have Popes benefiting from donations of immoral people. One could also think of how the Vatican benefited greatly from many Roman Catholic corrupt politicians. The death penalty would severely cut off their donations to the Vatican. History has proven that time and time again the Vatican has had gotten a lot of wealth through immoral means yet many Roman Catholics still embrace their sinister system.

What's worse is that Christians get heckled for their backsliding moments while severely immoral people are called defenders of morality. Do you remember the time David committed adultery with Bathsheba? After the incident, we read that in 2 Samuel 16:13 that people cast dust at him. To them David was already an immoral person. The world grills the Christians in the flames of hypocrisy while many immoral people are called moral people. Even if a man or a woman is highly sexually immoral they still defend the person as a good person. It's really so disgusting how selectivity kicks in again. They say Christians are making the world worse but they support highly immoral people as morally good people. Isaiah 5:20 says that people who call good evil and evil good are cursed. In short, it's all about selective justice. Take note that they don't defend these immoral people just because they're immoral but only because they can gain something by supporting them.

The call to abolish death penalty because it's "state murder" 

One good example of how stupid politically correct organizations are is that they're calling for death penalty to stop. While it's true that death penalty can kill an innocent person but they have a different motive behind it. Their call to abolish death penalty is as stupid as calling for the ban of kitchen knives, guns and hammers because those objects were used in a crime scene. The death penalty was made as a self-defense mechanism for any state. Anybody who has committed a crime to life must be put to death. Even if the murdered victim won't come back to life but it would definitely prevent that person from doing the same crime to others.

It's disgusting how often these politically correct organizations criticize developed countries that uphold the death penalty. They call it third world barbarism while they do little or nothing to countries that really suffer from third world barbarism. Do they know the difference between how developed countries carry out the death penalty in contrast to those countries that really have third world barbarism? Developed countries carry proper due process while countries with third world barbarism just execute people as they please. What's worse is that such people even think perjury that could have led to a person's death is just a minor offense. If they don't want innocent people to go to jail then recriminalize perjury. Have people who lie in court seeking someone's death get executed to greatly reduce the incidents of innocent people getting executed by mistake.

Here's when the selective justice kicks in from these politically correct organizations. How often is it that they call for the pardon of guilty criminals while there's no real outrage for an innocent person who gets hanged because of a corrupt court system? While raising the concern that death penalty may kill innocent people is indeed valid but where's the outrage when that happens? A lot of people that Amnesty International sought to spare were proven guilty of crimes that could have killed a lot of people. Worse, the Roman Catholic institution keeps kicking in for religious criminals on death row. Their calling of death penalty's abolition is nothing more than protection for their priests who could be next in the death row. It's highly possible that the Roman Catholic institution's call to abolish death penalty is nothing more than a desperate attempt to make people forget about all the filth that the Vatican needs to answer for.

Should it be mentioned how often hitting or killing out of self-defense lands people in jail? One could think that a woman who killed her rapist out of self-defense is condemned as a murderer while these organizations demand the release of a person who's committed several acts of crimes against life. This person may have been involved in narcotic trading and murdering people but they want this person pardoned and sent back to his home country. It's utterly disgusting to how many criminals are pleaded for pardon while those who killed out of self-defense are condemned as murderers. Where's the respect for life as they claim? It's no different when the crowd chose Barabbas a murderer and a thief and wanted Jesus killed. Today, the same problem still repeats itself never mind Jesus allowed Himself to be murdered by sinful men so salvation can be fulfilled.

Defending the LGBT communities' activities as appropriate while calling Christians who warn LGBT members out of love as haters

The LGBT community is justified in all the mockery and immorality they do. Homosexual parades are a disgusting sight to behold. Many of them make a mockery out of Jesus and the Christian has zero rights to protest. They hit a preacher and beat him up to death and they're not even charged with a hate crime. The Christian who voiced out to them the need to repent is not only laughed at but they are free to ridicule him with nigh impunity. They could even call any Christian a hater for simply disagreeing. The homosexual baker is free not to bake a cake for a Christian wedding but the Christian should cater to the homosexual wedding.

Global Thinkers not only awarded an immoral and religious criminal like but also selected homosexuals for making a stand. Even with all that transgender surgery he is still a he. No amount of biotechnology will ever change him into a she. They may want to call any God-fearing authority figure to be a bigot for opposing homosexuality and reaffirming the death penalty. So who's rights are Global Thinkers defending anyway?

These organizations also have one problem. Why are they also demanding respect for Islam a religion that's strongly anti-homosexual and orders its followers to massacre them? More people got focused on calling Christians as hypocrites after a lot of wounded victims were helped during Omar Mateen's attack (who's said to be a bisexual since he has an ex-wife) on a homosexual bar. If they want to experience real and true hatred for homosexuals then they should go to Islamic states where homosexuals are treated with utter hatred.

So what's so unloving about Christians to homosexuals? Do they demand that Christians should respect their destructive choices and not warn them about it? It would put them in trouble because any bitter truth that could have saved their life is shrugged off. It's safe to guess that they would consider educating homosexuals about the consequences of their actions to be an act of hate. They would rather have pleasant lies than the uncomfortable truth.

Calling Christian moral ethics for government, schools and families to abide by to be a system of abuse

It's very easy to see why Christian education is unpopular with the world. Jesus already warned in John 15:18-19 that Christians are enemies of the world. James 4:4 warns that friendship with the world is enmity with God. Worldly education systems doesn't think the same way as the Christian education system. The world is frequently at war with the Christian. There's really no peace between the old world that's to be destroyed and the Christian. The Christian is an enemy of this world that's about to perish. There's no way that the Christian can be popular with the world and be faithful to God at the same time. He or she must take a pick between the two of them.

So what acts are considered acts of "abuse" in the Christian education system? Some of these involve the act of spanking at the bottom as an act of discipline, forbidding boy-girl relationships to underaged people, placing curfews on underaged people, having no smoking policies, forbidding alcoholic beverages, requiring proper haircut for men and a modest dress code are but a few that are considered to be "symbols of oppression". Considering such principles as "acts of abuse" is one good reason why many Western countries are in a mess right now. Children don't even know how much it hurts in the long run to do wrong because spanking is now labeled as child abuse. Spanking doesn't warp the mind because the mind of unsaved people are already warped to a certain extent.

Many people feel that spanking and child abuse are the same. When the schools start to get rid of proper discipline then chaos runs over. When families don't spank their children then there's no discipline at home. One of the worst arguments against spanking is why do you use violence to teach children that violence is wrong? Spanking is not an act of violence as it doesn't leave bruises. The rod of learning is hit at the seat of education. Ironically some people who are against spanking end up using acts of violence at home. Child Protective Services in the United States is really unreliable. Real abuse doesn't get punished while parents who did their duty to discipline their children may end up losing their rights. It's no wonder why so many people today have grown up to be abusive parents or criminals because spanking has been heavily discouraged.

Countries that have a reasonable disciplinary rule for civil offenses are even considered tyrannical systems that must be dismantled. Since when has it ever become an act of tyranny to fine people for smoking in no smoking areas, for littering their garbage anywhere or for disturbing the peace at night? If there was a misapplication of the law like a traffic enforcer or a cop beating up someone for a minor offense then that's an act of tyranny. Otherwise, ordering people to pay a fine for littering or to go to jail for a few days is not an act of tyranny. The law is made to keep things in order. Making people pay fines for not following simple rules would keep society in order. That would at least make people fear breaking the law without having to resolve to a dictatorship. A society without any proper rules is a society that has no check and balance. If you want a society without discipline then don't demand for check and balance when something wrong happens.

In the end, it's all about the right to sin as people please instead of defending human rights

So why are Christians persecuted as haters for simply telling the truth that they need to hear? It's simple. It's the same reason why the prophets of God are all persecuted for the wrong reasons. It's rooted in the fact that the painful truth is very inconvenient to hear. People just want to continue believing in the lies they're growing up with. Jeremiah 5:31 tells us that people would rather have their own way. Isaiah 30:10 warns that people will hate you if you tell them the bitter truth. What's worse is that when a person goes to jail for opposing evil he or she is considered a criminal. But when an immoral person goes to jail getting what he or she deserves then there's a chance that politically correct organizations will back him or her up.

What are these politically correct organizations demanding anyway? Are they demanding that laws be removed and people should be allowed to do as they please without restraints? In short, are they demanding that criminal acts should be made legal even when it's immoral? If that's so they have lost every right to complain for victims of crime. If you don't want law and order then don't complain that society is in a mess. You hate laws and you hate moral absolutes then accept its consequences with open arms. You want murderers to be pardoned and brought back to your home country? Then don't complain if that same person gets his or her pardon and causes trouble in your home country or murders any of your loved ones. Want to do all the acts of immorality like sodomy and drug addiction? Then don't complain of the complications like sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences of using narcotics happens.

The problem is that we'll see how Proverbs 5:11 really kicks in to these people. One could start thinking that, "And thou shalt mourn at the last when thy flesh and thy body are consumed." Succeeding verses namely 12-13 tells us how such people hate to follow rules and instruction would soon fall into despair. Such people were given warnings about their sin but refused to listen. You can choose to do sin but you don't have the right to complain about the consequences. You do the crime then you must do the time. You do the sin then you must also accept the results. You play with fire and only expect yourself to be burned. The consequences may not always be immediate but they will soon follow sooner or later. You can't play with fire and not expect yourself to get burned. Every sin has its consequences. You can't choose your sin without the consequences that go with it.

Time is really coming that God will end all wickedness because He is a holy and just God who won't wink at sin. Politically correct people will also have to answer God for their wickedness on Judgment Day. There will be a day of reckoning between God and unrighteousness. The world's ever increasing wickedness is a fulfillment of prophecy from what many call to be just a fable. Everything that the apostles warned about is happening. Sin is increasing because people don't want to have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They love their sin so much they refuse deliverance from it. Everything that the Lord Jesus warned about is happening. So are you ready to meet your Maker? Will you be at the Judgment Seat for believers or will you be at the Great White Throne?

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