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The Quest For "Unlimited Human Progress" is Really Destroying the Environment

Every time I read from the news of nature's decline due to pollution, how food supply can soon drop anytime, how plant and animal deaths are massively happening I can't help but blame it on one factor: SIN. Yes, sin and most people think it's a fantasy word. It wasn't just a fantasy word that kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden and cursed the Earth with all its imperfections. Sin brought disease and destruction to mankind. Unfortunately, man is to blame for the wanton destruction of the environment all in the name of "unlimited human progress".

You can't divorce science from the Creator and that's a fact. Yet you have people who want to benefit from science without considering the Creator. Christian scientists were conservative because they were aware of one truth that science without ethics is meaningless. I'd like to expand it to say that studying creation without the Creator is absolutely stupid. People can claim that removing God is the key to "unlimited human progress". I remembered an ungrateful atheist blogger who even said that man not God is the reason why certain people trapped below a cave were saved. Even if God already showed that atheist blogger His grace that same person still refuses to believe. Doesn't that sound like the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

Godless application of science disregards simple scientific laws. While technology itself isn't evil but its misapplication has led to many disasters. You can think of how technology saved a family from the Flood also brought the wickedness in the the land of Shinar. Technology helped Abel raise a flock yet it also aided Cain in killing the former. When technology has nothing but the desire to glorify man then expect chaos. Why do you think nations of the world today are now well-armed with nuclear weapons and are destroying other countries? Why do you think people today are pursuing genetic engineering, stem cell research, attempting to clone humans and other stuff made to play God?

The effects of pursuing "unlimited human progress" towards the environment is not a joke. It's stupid to blame God for the continuously failing environment when mankind itself is responsible for it. How often can you see reckless deforestation leading to floods and scarcity of materials, dumping of toxic waste the easiest way possible killing the supply of food and water, and toxic smoke released from factories leading to air pollution? Some problems we have in our environment today happens because we try to tamper with nature's natural order. Agriculture is getting more corrupted with genetically modified organisms which may explain why bee colonies and certain foods are getting fewer and fewer. No wonder it's said that only when everything in nature is destroyed will you realize that money can't be eaten. I wonder where's atheism's claim to critical thinking if they fail to consider the consequences of their actions?

Whether those atheists like it or not true science demands you study the limits. A lot of stuff we enjoy today is because of God's written scientific laws. Christian scientists as well as non-Christian theistici scientists were aware of certain rules. Isaac Newton's contributions to Mathematics and Physics all reveal that there are limits to mankind's pursuit of technology. It's always a beautiful thing if the pursue for applied science respects scientific laws. Unfortunately, people who are pursuing "unlimited human progress" ignore basic principles and decide to defy the laws of science. If the deteriorating environment isn't even proof for these "rational" atheists then I wonder what will convince them that their quest for "unlimited human progress" is destroying the environment? These godless atheist scientists won't listen to the warnings because they think that they can defy the laws of science. If they can't even respect the laws of science how should anyone expect them to respect He Who wrote the laws of science?

The truth of the matter is that the world isn't getting any better. Christians who are the salt and light of the Earth aren't going to have it any better. You can think of how the world has disregarded God's standard as a fairy tale while appealing to His moral law only when it's convenient. The world is already destroying itself. That alone shouldn't be bad news to the Christian. It may mean that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back anytime soon. The question is are you ready?

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