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The Church Was NEVER Designed to Adjust to the Times!

Matthew 16:18 clearly states, "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

If there's one thing about the Christian church even if it's right now organizationally divided is that Christian truth can't be compromised. While the Baptist bride movement is definitely wrong but one thing is certain: the Church or God's people are one. The big problem that the Church faces today is the post-modern age. People today say that the Church must get with the times. Sorry to say but it's the times that need to get with the Church. No true Church would ever get with the times like how the Roman Catholic institution does it. The Roman Catholic institution claims to be the very Church and erroneously claims to be founded on Peter. However, all that sinister religion does is get with the times like how the ecumenical movement is moving today.

When Jesus said that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, He meant it and still means it. If any church claims that it's been built that the gates of Hell can't prevail against it but actually is more getting with the times than needing the times to get with it then it's a false church. It's just like why some Baptist organizations aren't really Christian organizations or the fact that Roman Catholicism compromises with modernistic values (and some Roman Catholics with a fanatical mindset dare deny it) proves they're apostate. They're not real churches. Pope Francis is just another modernist false prophet who has a loose claim that he's Peter's successor when he clearly isn't.

The Church was designed that it cannot be destroyed by the gates of Hell. Wherever there are Christians there is the Church. Though there's no visible organization in contrast to what the "true church theory" says but Christians end up helping each other. There's organizational division but there's spiritual unity that unites one Christian denomination after the other. One good example is how Ligonier a Presbyterian group cooperates with Grace To You a Baptist group. John F. MacArthur and Robert C. Sproul Sr. belong to different denominations and there are some minor differences (ex. some Christian groups still practice infant baptism minus the teaching of baptismal regeneration) but both of them embrace each other as brothers in Christ. Matthew Henry is a Prebysterian but his commentary was heartily commended by Charles H. Spurgeon who's a Baptist preacher. David W. Cloud of Way of Life may be a staunch opponent of Calvinism but embraces Calvinist Christians as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The mission of the Church is to spread the Gospel to the people never mind what the reaction to it may be. MacArthur's book "Hard to Believe" addresses this important fact that the true Chuch and true Christianity don't fit well with the modern times. True Christians that build up the true Church don't care about political correctness or how times have changed. While there's nothing wrong with embracing new technology but what's wrong is to embrace modernization when it goes against the Bible. Nothing's wrong with any Christian organization using the Internet or having a website but it's certainly wrong if they support technology like transgender operations, abortion and weapons of mass destruction. They should also reject any modern practice if it goes against the Scripture. This is all done and rooted upon the principle of Sola Scriptura.

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