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Don't Forget That the Roman Catholic Institution Has a Very Long History of Inciting Sedition

The Roman Catholic institution has its long fraudulent history of claiming to be the "One True Church that was founded n 33 A.D. - Holy, Catholic and Apostolic". The word catholic is a synonym for universal but the disciples were never first called Catholics in Antioch but Christians (Acts 11:26). Catholic was used as an old world for universal which some people today are allergic to that word because Catholic has been used to describe people who are members of the Roman Catholic institution. What can be talked about now is the fact that the Roman Catholic institution has had a long history of inciting sedition in governments. While they claim it to be doing the "work of God" or as the Jesuits say "Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" or "For the greater glory of God." but is it really?

Doing some study of the history of the Vatican has it shown that the Inquisition and later the Jesuit Order have a lot of bloody rags to answer for. Did you know that many kings fell because of the Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits? What would be interesting is that there's the belief in the Roman Catholic institution that says, "It is just to exterminate heretics." With that in mind, how can the Roman Catholic institution even be pro-life when it's got a lot of blood on its hands? The Crusades was a political machine for the Vatican not to reclaim the Holy Land but to occupy it. They fought with the Muslim invaders but also assaulted Jewish homes. The Inquisition unjustly murdered anyone who refused to convert to Roman Catholicism. The whole new stance of the Vatican II Council where the Popes are now against death penalty is a desperate attempt to cover up all the filth within the Vatican.

The Vatican obviously can take advantage of people through false doctrine. When you've got people believing that the Roman Catholic priest can save or damn their soul then you've got them as your puppets. Make them believe that the Roman Catholic sacraments save their souls and not having them will damn them and you've got a mindless army. Get the Pope to claim he's spoken a new decree under the privilege of papal infallibility or that the "Holy Spirit spoke to him." and you'll get people who are willing to kill and be killed for the fake successor of Peter. Get the people to believe that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ or that he has control over the world and you've got a mindless army. This would be instrumental in making people do unbiblical commands such as murder and overthrowing God-ordained authorities. The average Roman Catholic doesn't even know anything about the bloody history of their religion or thinks they're being heroic when they join the "peaceful" rallies that the priests and nuns would orchestrate. Even young children aren't spared from this brainwashing and still continues today.

What should even be sadder is that the average Roman Catholic knows nothing about the bloody history of their religion. Try talking to them about it and they're most likely to get mad and say it's just a myth. The reasons why they're most likely to tell you it's just a myth or "Satan is blinding your mind." is because of blind loyalty to the Roman Catholic priests and the institution. They'll believe that their bloody history or the papal scandals are all myths because the Roman Catholic institution said so. History and current events have even shown priests and nuns supporting human rights activists and rebellion against governments. While tyrannical government must be resisted and spoke against but inciting sedition is a totally different issue. Do we forget that Mordecai handed over the two guards that planned to kill Xerxes and didn't plan to get rid of the king? Do we forget Esther as queen used whatever lawful means possible to expose Haman for his murderous rage? Do we forget that Daniel and his three friends didn't resist Nebuchadnezzar? Do we forget that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego politely declined Nebuchadnezzar and allowed themselves to be arrested for disobeying the king's decree?

For the Roman Catholic institution it's all about power grab. It's all about maintaining their temporal power across the world. What should be interesting is how often these revolutions may end up replacing a deposed ruler with a religious Roman Catholic stooge into power. Just think of how the Roman Catholic institution would want someone ruling a nation if they were willing stooges of the Papacy. They would want someone who would steal money from the public treasury and donate it to the Vatican or would do everything that the Vatican commands. It's no wonder why the Reformers and Reformed preachers called the Pope as Antichrist. It's not because Vicarius Filii Dei adds up to 666 but also because the Pope is a brat who acts like he owns the whole world. That's why some teachers believe that the Antichrist will come from the papacy. These are in fact the last days. Christians may not be able to stop the New World Order from completion but they can fight it at a daily basis by speaking against evil and preaching the Gospel.

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